Arise and Hope

When all life does is rain, and the rain is drowning your soul, there is HOPE.
Here are some links. Some arms that may reach out to you, especially if there are no other arms close by right now. 


HELP LINES: (if you need some one to talk to)

Life Line (Australian based support): Help line number: 13 11 14 
Phone counseling for anyone in crisis or in need of someone to talk. Also provide links to other support networks.

National Hopeline Network: (USA support based): Helpline number: 1 800 SUICIDE
Phone counseling with the USA for anyone in crisis or in need of someone to talk to.

Child help: (USA based): Helpline number 1800-4-A-CHILD

Reaching You Ministries (USA based)  Real help right now. You can speak with a counselor on line via email. It operates 24/7. You can remain anonymous. Links to counseling, inspirational stories and messages of hope etc

Samaritans (International): real time help right now via email. You get to speak with a counselor on line via email. It operates 24/7. You can remain anonymous. Website and links

HOPE alongside mental health issues:
Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI): (Australian based): This site provides support and information for those families in which a parent struggles with a mental illness.

HOPE alongside physical health issues:
Livewire parents: (Australian based): A free online community for parents and caregivers of those dealing with serious physical illness, health conditions or disabilities. A place to chat on line and find relevant iformation and resources.

Youth On line! (Deaf Children Australia): on line chat room and community for deaf and hard of hearing young people between the ages of 12-18.

Now What? Your Space for talking on Cancer: (Australian based): On line community for young people to talk about and be supported in their experiences of dealing with cancer.

HOPE alongside Self Injury:

To Write Love on Her Arms (USA based, but international support and information): Write Love on Her arms is an American organization that supports people struggling with depression, addition, self-harm and suicide. They invest in counseling programs and other support networks. Counseling support is USA based.

S.A.F.E AlternativesSelf Abuse finally ends: (USA based, but international support and information) A site dedicated to helping those battling with self-harm.

HOPE alongside Depression or suicide:

Suicide Prevention (Canadian based): help, support and information for anyone affected by suicide. Support also for family and friends who were the victims of suicide. their site includes warning signs, emergency contacts, on going support networks etc.

Black Dog Institute (Australian based): for those who deal with or know someone who deals with Depression or mood disorders.

Beyond Blue (Australian based): Also dedicated to those dealing with or who know someone dealing with depression, bipolar and postnatal depression

Blue Pages (Australian based)

Mood Gym (Australian based)

Think Yourself Happy (Australian based)

Undoing Depression:

Depression Net (Australian Based):

Head Space (New Zealand Based):

Befrienders (international): An amazing website with links to real time email or telephone counseling. Their main aim is to give immediate support to people battling with suicidal thoughts. Their motto is "We don't judge, we listen." They are a world wide organization, with centre in most countries. Go to website for information specific to your country. 

Befrienders International Australia 
175 Lilydale Road
WA 6556

Open Minds (Australian based):  Based in Brisbane, Australia. They offer assistance for people suffering from mental illness, intellectual disability or acquired brain injuries. Some of their support programs include Personal Helpers and Mentor program, Acquired Brain injury and support service, Lifelong Planning and Support Program, employment services etc.

HOPE alongside eating disorders:

National Eating Disorders Association: (USA based): they are dedicated to helping individuals and friends and families of those affected by eating dissorders.

FINDINGbalance: (USA based)  Faith based help for eating disorders and body image issues.

HOPE alongside postnatal depression or issues affecting pregnant women:

Hope for two (international): the pregnant with cancer network and support group.

Wide Variety of Support Offered:

Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK based): excellent information and support regarding mental health issues including depression, eating disorders, obsessive/compulsive disorder, personality disorders, and postnatal mental health issues. They also have downloadable PDF docs on dealing with grief/bereavement, and helping others through these times.

(* Please note: This is not a comprehensive list. I take no personal responsibility for the the content of these sites. The links are here as a guide to possible sources of support and information.)

HOPE and books:

I had a Black Dog by Matthew Johnstone

Living with a Black Dog by Matthew Johnstone

The Heart and the Glass Bottle by Oliver Jeffers

Michael Rosen's Sad Book by Michael Rosen
(More to come)