Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Come shelter with me under the under the quilt of our memories.
See how vividly we have stitched the past
how imperfectly we hold time
the faded photos in our minds

Come shelter with me under the quilt of our memories 
See how soft the passing of life is here
how our knees touch at the edges
and we smile about the vinegar sunset that was

Come shelter with me under the quilt of our memories
See how our children will find us
our sallow skin and faces lost behind folded lines
will show proudly the life we have woven together

Come shelter with me under the quilt of our memories
See how there need be no reason to do so
how we chose to tuck beside each other today
and I pray all the days here after.


What about you? Who tucks beside you? Who do you tuck beside? 
A follower of this blog, Fireblossom, left a comment on my last post which read, 'I don't believe we are meant to walk through this world alone.' 
I couldn't agree more. Thank you :)



  1. Oh man, it's so nice to have you back. You're a ray of sunshine, Tab. I loved that, so beautiful. I love the vinegar sunset. I loved all of it actually.

  2. Vinegar sunset - yes, Tab - how do you come up with these images - it blows my mind. I tuck beside my darlin' hubby and my dog, Buddy. And beside myself now, as well, content inside my own skin for the first time in 60 years.

  3. YAY!!!!! You are BACK!!! LOVE the quilt picture!!!

    Hmmm. Wish my kids would still tuck beside me. Visited an invalid friend yesterday whose hubby is out of town. Her 23-year-old son is sleeping in the couch in her bedroom just to make her feel that "tucking in." One of the coolest things I've heard lately.

    BLESSINGS, I've soooo missed you!!!!

  4. I love quilts, and my daughter always grabs her baby blanket,(which is falling apart) and tucks under my arm as we watch TV.

    Good to have you back, I hope you got a lot done.

  5. Just beautiful. I can really appreciate this, Tabitha. Thank you.

  6. I SO love your writing! Who's with me? My hubby of course! BTW, I recognize that quilt from the pottery barn teen cataloge. I love quilts.

  7. How our knees touch at the edges....lovely. Such a comforting post on a cold morning! So many I tuck, and so many to me. All in different ways. The fabric of me is the quilt of all of them.

  8. I tuck under the quilt with my husband. I love my husband. There's nobody else I'd rather find shelter with.

  9. What a warm sentiment to embrace. :)

  10. I started seeing your comments again and it's good to see you back. Hope you got a lot done.
    Had you noticed the A to Z Challenge that we were doing? Yesterday was Q day and several others wrote about Quilts so your post today fits right in!

    Oh, and in answer to your questions, My Wife! Now that all the kids have moved out on their own it's just her and me and it's been kind of quiet, cozy, and nice. (But we do miss not seeing the kids enought!)

  11. Love the repeating line and all that you've so eloquently tucked inside, Tabitha! Just beautiful!

    I snuggle up with my husband, and pull inside all the wonderful memories we've made together...our babies turned toddlers, the toddlers turned teens (how did that happen so fast?!), and now...just the two of us, with many conversations along the fringes with our pretty terrific kids. Those memories are bundled with love...and I haven't one single regret!

  12. Really great images. I can see, and feel, those knees touching. Who tucks beside me? Usually my boys, often my friends, at times, my sisters.

  13. I've missed you! Beautiful poem! My Beloved Spouse Creature and chipmunks for sure are tucked in beside me. :D

  14. I love to be close with my children and husband. I love your poem! Sometimes the quilt is threadbare though...I'm hoping to make my children's quilt warm and snuggly. :-)

  15. I tuck beside my husband of 35 years, my best friend. Trying to tuck beside Jesus more and more.

    Lovely poem. You ooze with talent.

  16. Ah, the sun shines again (that's you, Tab)...beautiful poem. You're soooo talented! We truly aren't meant to walk alone. I sometimes wish others would take time to take these small steps that lead to understanding of ourselves and what's around us.

  17. Oh wow! I'm so pleased that you liked what I said. I do believe that it's true, we are meant for companionship.

    Right now, my companion is Bosco the Aussie Shepherd. He is a wonderdog par excellence. But I have had that human hand to hold before and will again.

    I loved this picture when you used it before and love it still. It says so much!