Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hold the Rain

Have you tried to hold the rain?
It's spitting wishes dripping through
your boney fingers

where hope once was, there is now a damp feeling
something familiar
something you once though you might escape
Have you tried to hold the rain?

if only there were enough afternoons
to stitch together childhood
in between the leaves
underneath the flowers
Have you tried to hold the rain?

Pretend is not a game
it's a place a little girl lived
a cotton place
with candy floss
and good things, sweet and filling
Have you tried to hold the rain?

Tired from garden fairies
and needing home and bath
mother's arms
anyones arms
and a place to curl up and giggle
you left pretend to seek
Have you tried to hold the rain?

When the skies opened
you were the first to run
weed like
yet rooted in the earth
arms out stretched you wished
the cool on your face could last
Have you tried to hold the rain?

Another muddied mess
another gray day that came
and went
without the sun to follow
another cloud without its silver
a space left to fill with something
how many years would pass before
you found the words and writing
the life and family
that finally held the rain.

Cup your hands.

Have your tried to hold the rain?


What about you? Do you don't know what it is like to look up at opening skies and wish you could somehow make the cool it brings lasting? That used to be me. I have since found a way to hold that rain. It is in the words, the writing, the family and the love I build around me. What do words and family bring to your life?


  1. I think words and family make me feel content. Sometimes angry too, but mostly unbearably happy. :-)
    I just read the first lines out loud and my five year old cupped his hands and tried to act like he was holding rain. Then he announced, "We can hold the rain, right mom?" LOL

  2. Have you???
    Beautiful prose.
    We often ask... 'What can you see in the clouds?' Today while swimming in our pool the cloud formations were amazing - 2 of my children asked 'What can you see in the sky?'

  3. WOW... This symbol, this simile is unique my dear've expressed it so beautifully- holding the rain is not easy, but a constant quest...

  4. A beautiful expression Tab! You capture me in your writing.

    Family is my soft place. Everything I need, want, and crave lives within the lives of my loved ones.

  5. This moved me, Tab. Yeah, I've been that girl. Kinda still am...

  6. Family and words are the meaning of life. Your poem flows like a song. Reminds me of the song in the Sound of Music: How do you solve a problem like Maria? How do catch a wave and pin it down?...How do you hold a moonbeam in your hands?

  7. The love you build around you is key. You are lucky to have it!

  8. Tabitha, raindrops patter on my face as I read your poignant post.

    I think of God's cloud following me about (pillar of fire, too), omnipresent, omniperfect. Everything else evolves from that cloud...

    Love this blog!

  9. Okay, I HATE the feel of rain on my skin, and you made me want to go outside and dance in it. Great post!

  10. Without family around me I'd be lost and I think without writing I wouldn't be as happy.

    Great poetry. I'm always amazed.

  11. It has been a long time since I held the rain. Thank you for these words friend. I am longing to hold it again soon.

    This was beautiful :)


  12. I've tried. Snow too. I always try. :0)

  13. I agree with Elana J. I don't like to get rained on, but you made me want to.

  14. oh, i love this. at first, it reminded me of all the times i have stuck my hand out an open window while driving and tried to catch air and rain, holding it there as when opened it is gone...but moving along through your words, i want it to rain, rain hard in the heat of an afternoon day...oh....what longing you have created, well done!

  15. This is so beautiful, Tab. I love standing in the rain (if it's warm). I feel like I'm able to enjoy so much in my life now.

  16. Mmmm yes...I did. I cupped two hands and as it ran the rivet between I transfered to one, and as it ran the lifeline to it's end, it were as tears.

  17. Rain like tears of growth for a thirsty world.

  18. I have tried to hold the rain but I've come to accept that it's only temporary. It needs to flow out of my hands and into the hands of others.

  19. I like this, "where hope once was, there is now a damp feeling."

    I love the rain because I'm a desert girl and don't often see it, feel it, marinate in it.

  20. Tabitha--really nice. I liked these lines best:

    "...if only there were enough afternoons
    to stitch together childhood..."

    The whole piece conveyed a strong sense of longing that I found haunting.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  21. Hi Tab,
    Just wanted you to know there's a little something waiting for you on my blog Monday morning.

  22. That's beautiful!!! It reminds me of this old song by Martin Page, with the line, "What are these hands for if I can't bring you fallen rain?"

  23. I love this poem. It made me feel cool and comfortable.

    I don't think I've ever pondered giving off the cooling sensation of rain on my world. Wouldn't it be great if everyone did? I think I gravitate to the sensation of the quiet. The peace of a redwood forest. Its lemony pine scent. The echo of the wind. Its fingers whipping through my hair.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely poem!

  24. Pretend is not a game
    it's a place a little girl lived
    a cotton place
    with candy floss
    and good things, sweet and filling
    Have you tried to hold the rain?

    This is my favorite stanza - I was that little girl, too.

    Another beautiful piece of powerful poetry, Tab. So glad you're holding the rain now.

  25. Beautiful! You've captured every adult's inner child. And having a happy family is like holding the rain.

  26. How beautiful. Words to and from family means everything.

  27. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I'm so glad you've found a way to hold it! :)

    By the way, I live in Washington, and I still love the rain! Well, most days. When I'm writing, I love it!

  28. Dawn- Washington and you still love the rain. Must be true love :)

    JW- thanks

    Kittie- kind thoughts, thank you.

    Carrie- wow, thank you.

    Deb, yeah, me too.

    Pam, welcome and thanks for commenting

    Steph- I love that line!

    Karen, thank you. I'll check it out :)

    Jon, yep, I think I have spent life with that sense of longing.

  29. Liza and Tamika, thank you.

    Jessica- thank you :)

    Michelle-oh I love that. What did you say?

    Dulce- thank you

    Mary- oh yeah, I forgot about those words.

    Fireblossom- me too in many ways. I still fight to hold the rain.

    T. Anne- so true. Yes. I am blessed.

    Patti- Thank you Patti

    Elana-Dance away girl.

  30. WoW this is amazing!! Your words touched me deeply, this is beautiful!!!

  31. Miss,
    Your poetry is charming, impressive and alluring. You are indeed a talented writer. Kindest wishes for a great day.