Thursday, March 31, 2016

Exciting news

So. It's been a very big month for me. I entered a writing comp in the USA called #P2p16 or Ptich to Piblication 2016. I had to pitch my book and send the first five pages of the manuscript to participating editors. Each editor had to select one manuscript (out of 100) to work with for a month.
The winner would work with this editor to prepare their manuscript for the literary agent submission round in mid April.
And guess what?
 I know! Who knew?!
So I am working my writing butt off with wonderful USA editor Sione Aeschliman.
 This was the announcement on the website:

Sione Aeschliman
Chose to work with:
The Exquisiteness of Seeing
by Tabitha Bird
Audience & Genre: Audience- A, Genre- women's fiction; literary with magical realism elements.

Very exciting.
I will let you know how it goes. I'm very excited to polish my novel and of course submit to agents in early April.


  1. Calloo Callay oh frabjous day! This looks like such a great thing. Can't wait to see what transpires -you rock!

  2. I am so so pleased for you, Tab! Most deserving win EVER.

  3. Thanks Wen! Wouldn't have been possible without your help x

  4. I am beyond thrilled for you (but not surprised). You are one of the most talented writes I've come across in bloggydom and I can't wait to read your novel. Yeah!!!!!

    1. Aw! Well that's a lovely thing to say :) I certainly do hope this novel finds its wings and that one day I will have something papery and bookish to share with the world :)