Friday, February 5, 2016

You're Enough

“We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love.” ~Lori Deschene

You are enough. All of you. The parts you like. The parts you don't. The gifts you have. Those you never will. When waves land on beaches and you decide you should be the ocean. When you are the ocean, but decide you should be the mountains. All of it. You are enough.

You are enough. The stories you breathe. All the ones you don't or haven't or perhaps never will. All the ones you can't, because sometimes there isn't breath and just because. All of it. You are enough.

You are enough. All the things you want, but haven't dared, haven't spoken, or worse, have spoken and someone laughed. The wants you're flippant about, when really you're not. The wants you hold inside so hard, wants caged behind your ribs. All of it. You are enough.

You are enough. When people arrive. When people leave. When others don't get you. When they do. When people walk out, walk in or walk through you. When people leave gaping holes. Especially then. Still.
You are enough.

Because maybe you don't need to hear it. Maybe you do.
I know I do.
So I simply wanted to say.
Tab, you are enough.


  1. Argh ... this is my arch enemy, my shampoo in the eyes, my nails down the blackboard! I soooo struggle with believing I am enough. Some days I cruise along firmly believing this, others I just wake up - my own enemy - demanding more, believing I am less. Some days I nod my head at this thinking "yep", then its gone.

    1. Me too! One million times, me too. And Miss Julie, you ARE enough. Xx and a huge blessing in my life.

  2. You are enough. More than enough, I suspect. Thank you for this reminder to cherish ourselves.

  3. Just lovely! And a much needed reminder. Thank you!

  4. God, I missed your writing, Tab. You are not only enough. You are a gift.

  5. Thank you. Your words mean a lot to me. Always have x

  6. Brilliant expression of a universal feeling.

  7. Very powerful! And so true. In the end, all that really matters is what WE think of ourselves.

  8. We are in sync. I posted about this too and love love love your empowering words. Happy weekend.

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  10. I loved your writing Tabitha. Its very powerful.
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