Thursday, January 14, 2016

There is Morning

(photography by Tabitha Bird. 
Taken rural Australia, 1 1/2 hours out of the city of Brisbane)

No matter what went on in the darkness of past, if you nightmare or daydream, if wisdom says you should doubt or believe, there is always first light. Always.
It is as if the sun sets each day leaving us with a single promise. Something so absolute we could shiver or laugh. We could draw our stick arms around our broken frames and watch clouds pass in front of the moon and be unaffected.
There is always first light. Always.

The promise of life is that it goes forward. Night, even one that falls thick to earth like fabric suspended from the sky, is followed by day.
The sun will always say, "There is morning."
A newness. A new beginning. Another chance. There is always dawn.
Sometimes I need to hear that. Need to be reminded.
I wonder if you know this? 
There is always first light. Always.


  1. I caught my breath at seeing your name on my blog roll. I caught it again at the depth of this post, the rightness of your words, the comfort they give me. Hello, Tabitha. You have been missed.