Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Writer's Wednesday: Here

(Shipwreck: photo by Tabitha Bird)

Inside me there was a place I went with cupped hands. Words, the unformed black dots, dripping down my arms, oozing into the dry mouthed earth around be. Drops quickened their pace, impatient to be seen and held, to be known and placed on a page. My hands, brimming with the honey of everything I wanted to say carried the liquid letters best they knew how.  Oh the happiness of doing something you know you were given to do. Only those who dare to bring out what is inside them can ever understand. Oh the ache to get the words set on paper. Day by day, between the hours of midnight and for always I typed.
How many times must I have returned to that place inside?
Past the point where dawn breaks dark?
Beyond lines of horizon and under corners that you can't see around?
Yes. Past all those times. Past all those hours. Everything should have continued. The words should have been a thing to be counted on like the moon drawing the tide.
Then it happened.

Inside me there is a place I go with cupped hands, but the words are lost. Shipwrecked. Beautiful only if you appreciate what is left and don't dwell on what was there.

I asked my friend, "Why do you come here?"
She turned to the coming sun and its dance across the arcs of waves. "You know Tab, I could photograph anything. Flowers. The whole bushland behind us. But I chose a shipwreck because it's still here. Against all odds, and even though it shouldn't be, it's still here. There's beauty in that."

I smiled. Yes. There's beauty in that.
And maybe I will go again to the place where words dripped down my arms. Maybe there is something left in me to write yet, because against all odds, and even though I should be, I am still here.


(For Meg, who knows lots about Shipwrecks and even more about being a friend)


  1. Well written Tabitha, a person dosen't have to be actually ship wrecked to expereience the feelings, thoughts and loneliness can make one feel that way, It's good to have friends ......true friends they are worth their weight in gold.

    Take care.

  2. What a wonderful image about the beauty of persistence. Lovely photo and I love the post. Esp. the phrase "dry mouthed earth". That really caught me! Such a fresh way to put it. :-)

  3. Glad to have you back TB. Perfect post to read today. Thank you dear one for sharing. Blessings.

  4. Wonderful! Your post makes me think about the shipwrecks in my own life and if I should visit them too.

  5. Welcome home! I sure hope you find that place where words drip down your arms because I for one know you have more to write.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. This was simply beautiful. Thanks very much for sharing it.

  7. I always think it's wonderful to see things and people that really shouldn't still be here, surviving. Like the Elton John song "I'm still standing after all this time.."

  8. I am in love with this post.

    It gave me a chill. That's my litmus test for great writing, you know....the chills.

    Well done.


  9. Two books I think you might like based on this post:
    Little Bee
    The Outside Boy

    ~ Wendy

  10. Tabitha, you are talented on so many levels. This picture is gorgeous! Your words are perfect. And obviously, you're a good friend. Because only good friends can have good friends this...good. :)

  11. Missed you, missed you,missed you, and I have no fears that more words will drip down your arms, just as these beautiful ones did. You were born to write, Tabitha. We all have spells where the words don't come out, but it doesn't mean they won't. Blessings and love,

  12. I love things that defy the odds. Yummy post.

  13. Sometimes we feel pregnant with ideas and words. Sometimes we feel barren.
    Always though,
    there are children within us
    waiting lives

  14. Amen Tabitha, i have dragged my shipwrecked self out to the edge of the desert awaiting the wind to sail me strait into it's dry wash sandbanks..til then i will remember Thankfulness to still be here..along with people i admire such as You!

  15. Tab, if you stop by my blog tomorrow, there's a little something to cheer you up!

  16. Seriously beautiful picture. Do you work in photoshop or do you just have mad skillz?

  17. Hauntingly still photo and the moment the fog rolled over it is captured perfectly here in your post. I think you did go to the dripping words, for this post is beautiful! Welcome back!

  18. Visit, ponder, sink a little, but keep moving. The barnacles will bring you down.

  19. A beautiful post. Loved the photo!

  20. Hello new here!

    Wonderful post & I love the visual.