Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Writer's Wednesday- And the Winner is...

The Winner of my Blog Redesign contest is....


Congrats, Cheryl. I will be emailing you to let you know how to proceed. I hope your new blog look is something you will be very happy with.  And I am sure it will be.

Still want a new look?
Now to all those who didn't win, but indicated that they wanted a new blog design why not get in contact with Jayna and see what you can cook up together?
Remember my new blog look only cost $30! Considering that it is an investment in your career as a writer I think it's money well spent. And let's face it, blog design can be VERY expensive. Jayna's rates are down right reasonable and affordable.

You can email her at jaynahaws [at] yahoo [dot] com
Or visit her blog for more information.

Writer's Wednesday
I've been at this writing thing for a while now, published in multiple magazines, and I think I might have something of worth to say about it all. So, Writer's Wednesday will be dedicated specifically to writers.
No, I 'm not going to turn into a how-to blog. I'm not going to give you ten good reasons why you should eliminate flowery prose or tell you how to craft a hook. But I am going to deal with some of the demons that plague a writer's mind. I am going to get real honest about some of the things that have worked for me and some of the things that can mean the difference between quitting and pushing your writing to new levels. The writer's soul is what I am about. So, please come and join me on Wednesdays. I'd love to see you here!

Monday and Fridays posts will be the ME you have always known.  Poetry, prose, a few laughs about being a 'Writing Mommy' and the inspiration and hope I have found in life as I see it THROUGH MY EYES.

Join me then :)



  1. Your new schedule sounds good! Hopefully I'll be able to check out your M and F posts sometimes, but at least I'll always be hopping over here on Wed. ;-) Congrats on the new look!

  2. Love the new look! And I can't wait to see what you've got planned for Wednesdays (other days, too, of course). :)

  3. I was hoping we weren't going to lose your powerful prose! i believe the writer's soul is the key ingredient to poignant fiction!

    Congrats Cheryl!

  4. Your new look is cool! It's nice to shake things up sometimes. I'll be looking forward to your Writer's Wednesday posts (as well as your usual posts too).

  5. Wow-- I missed the contest! $30 is awesome and I will remember that.
    I look forward to your Weds:)

  6. Love the idea of writing about the writer's soul. Looking forward to hearing what you've learned so far.

  7. Sounds like some interesting posts are on there way then!

  8. Congrats to Cheryl!

    And your new schedule sounds amazing.. I'm looking forward to it! :)

  9. sounds good - and congratulations to Cheryl. I made that decision a ways back and split into two blogs - my writing blog, Crazy Jane, and my life blog Living the Complicated Simple Life. Works for me...yours will probably be better at keeping folks around - I probably lost some in the transistion. Hey good name for a book 'Lost in Transistion'!

  10. It sounds good. I like the way things look around here. Great job, Tab!

  11. Oh my gosh!! I can't believe I won, but I am also overwhelmed by the kindness of this group!

    Blessings everybody! Now, if I could just get this writing thing down....

  12. Your blog looks wonderful, Tabitha!! I emailed Jayna already. LOL. :-)

  13. That's a great idea for a post, can't wait to read it.

  14. I'm looking forward to that!


    Do you have any love to share? Love Every Day

  15. I love your focus for Wednesdays. We all need help with writing demons.

  16. I look forward to these Writers Wednesdays. I can't wait to read your wisdoms (and yes, they will be wisdoms!)

    Congrats to Cheryl!!! :D

    Oh, and I love the little dragonflys you have on the side bar now.

  17. I like the idea of a writerly wednesday that deals with a writers demons. Those are the things people don't talk so much about.