Monday, November 22, 2010

Writers, hear me. Your words matter.

Some of you may remember that back in OCT I took a break from blogging to focus on my re-writes. Well, they are very nearly complete. But that is not the reason I am back from my blogging hiatus early. While I was gone people visited my blog and I thank you, all of you. One person in particular though gifted me the following words and I want to share them with you. Especially if you are a writer. 

Writing is often a lonely pursuit. (No, sorry , being friends with your characters doesn't count.) And every now and then I stop and wonder about the purposefulness of it all. If giving of myself, my raw, honest hidden self, to my words is going to matter to anyone but me. 
And writers, hear this. 
Stop and hear me on this. 
What you write DOES matter. It already matters and it will matter in the future. For there are as many different writers as there are readers who need to hold your words. 

A wise person recently said to me, "If you have a story inside you, write that story. You were given those words because someone out there needs to read them." 

This is the comment a fellow reader left on my post titled "Do I matter?" 

"I ask this question too, all the time. I found this beautiful post by googling.. "Do I matter?". I wanted to hear what others came to, deep down in the heart of hearts.

For me, I care about the world and all its people so, so much. I have always felt that they mattered, without a doubt, just because. I always felt that by treating each other better, helping to bring joy and love and growth and opportunity that we could bring that much more meaning to all of our lives.

But without realizing it.. I had always considered myself the exception to that rule. That everyone mattered, was unique, was lovable, was talented, was deserving, was memorable.. but me.

Here I am in in my first year of university, wondering if I matter. If what I will do one day matters. I also grew up hearing about how flawed, disappointing, angering and hopeless I was. I spent my younger years trying to be invisible, the least of a burden that I could be. I am trying to change those beliefs, and the fear they bring with them, at the very core.. and it is the hardest thing I've had to do yet. I can't thank you enough for these posts, and these comments.. because I know now that in the hearts of perfect strangers, I mean something important, and in mine.. they do too.

I am crying tears of joy. Thank you so much."

~ from Anonymous

So, write on my fellow writers. They are the words someone needs to hear. Never mind how imperfect you feel your words are.
Funny, isn't it, that when you extend your raw and honest hand through your words, someone takes it, pulls you close, and hugs you right back.


  1. My personal 'mantra' is that if my writing helps or encourages just one person it is worth it all and I need to write for that reason...Although there are always lots of reasons to write ;)

  2. I missed you!!!! I thought about you many times. XOXO

  3. Welcome back! We've missed you. What a wonderful post!

  4. Terrific post, it resonates with me completely. Just this morning I received 2 comments on my blog that brightened my day considerably, encouraged me as a writer again to forge ahead, as you should, too.

    Glad to see you back again, Tabitha, good tidings & good writings!! :)

  5. Been missing you, lady. Touching comment, and a beautiful post. I think about this every day, especially when I'm having a lot of trouble writing (like recently). I think, "What's the point?" But if working with children has taught me anything, it's that touching one life, maybe making it better if only for a while, is worth anything. So I keep plugging along.

    Thanks for sharing, Tab. I'm so glad you're back!!


  6. You are awesome, and proof positive that words do matter. Good and bad. I wish more people realized that :) Missed you girl!

  7. I've been moved to laughter and tears by the honest and beautiful posts I've read by other bloggers. Words have such power, especially when we free them from cages of our making. So glad you're back.

  8. Great post, Tabitha! It's always important to hear how your words touch someone.

    And congratulations on making so much progress with your revisions!

  9. it's so true, Tab. Welcome back, dear friend.

  10. Thanks for posting this...I often wonder the same thing...I needed this reminder :)

  11. Beautiful letter and we need to realize it everyday in even the smallest of things, that yes what we do matters. :O)

  12. "If you have a story inside you, write that story. You were given those words because someone out there needs to read them."

    Isn't that a wonderful thought? I have a story I want to tell but I've always wondered if anyone out there is interested enough to hear it.

  13. I think, by letting the words that reside in us out, gut wrenching, honest, real words, we become completely involved in our own living. We are not simply residing or passing through, but are honestly engaged in our lives in a clear, impactful way. Look at you...gone for several weeks and a new post immediately generates 14(?) comments so far! It's clear your words make a difference.

  14. So glad we both made it back. What a moving sentiment, words matter. Don't they though?

    BTW, you sure know how to make an entrance. :)

    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  15. Beautiful. Thank you for posting this. It's hard sometimes to realize that our words really DO matter to someone. Someone out there needs to hear what we have to say. Even if it's just one, write for that one.

    Welcome back, Tabitha. I'm so glad your revision are going well.


  16. Welcome back and thanks for sharing that wonderful blog.


  17. Beautiful-- welcome back, I've missed you elegant writing.

  18. Tears and chills.

    It does all really matter.


  19. Words are babies. They must be birthed once conceived. There is no other option for myself.

    We must believe in the mission God gave us even when it's hard to believe in ourselves... i get that but it's hard to put it into words isnt it?

    Thank You for encouraging us Tabitha, Sharing inspirations you have been given too..
    Bless those who have the gift of encouragement!
    We want to be like You! (all)
    (my attempt at poetry)

  21. These are words well worth reading over and over. The gift of writing and the gift of encouragement make a powerful combination.

  22. thank oyu to everyone who has come by to welcome me back. I am feelin the love :) It's nice to be back with fellow writers and readers.

  23. You feel the love because you are a person with an abundance of love to give, I am thinking.But talking about this 'writing business', I believe each has said all here and in every way their words sink deep within. So yes, I am in agreement; such matters.

  24. That comment hurts my heart! It makes me angry when I think about parents/guardians who make children feel that way. :-(

    Words do matter, so much. Thanks for sharing Tabitha and Anon!
    Congrats on your rewrites, too. :-)

  25. Welcome back! What a lovely welcome. ;]

    As writers battling the odds, we cannot let our insecurities get the better of us. Each and every word does indeed matter.

  26. Thank you for sharing these stories and for this message. It's true!

  27. True dat! Welcome back and man oh man I come and go quite a bit so I definitely understand...

  28. You haven't lost a bit of your writing mojo in this time off. It's so nice to have you back. This reminder is important and needs to be repeated often for those of us pursuing the truth through our writing.

  29. Thank you for this, I needed to read this.