Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Vision Behind My Eyes

What would I know about myself if I was only one and not one of many?
Would I know simple things still? My height. My hair color. My skin. all the same. Nothing changes.

But what about character?
Would I understand the length and breadth of myself if other people didn't provide someone to rise above or someone to strive towards?

What about the degree of my own ability or depravity?
Would I understand the depth of my capacity for both light and darkness, to both illuminate and drown out, if there were no other voices to be heard? Would I ever be all I could be?
Would such a question even matter, you may ask?
They matter. Because there are others, those questions matter.

I am not who I am only in relationship to myself, yet I need to find me in the silence of skillful listening to the One who created me and the true whispers of self.

No one writes on the pages of life in a tunnel of isolation. Those around me constantly shape my words.  It matters what I know about me when I am with you. And it matters what I know about me when you are gone. How well I understand the depth and length, the day and night of my very being becomes my life's song. The steps I will take. The words I will write. And ultimately the me I will birth.
It matters that I see me through clear eyes. That is why a writer is never anything without a reader. A musician never heard without an audience. A soul never unwrapped outside intimacy with another and a life never lived unless you hold plenty of hands along the way.

My writing began as a way to share myself with myself. To get to know the woman trapped within. But is has become more. I want it to become more. That is why I don't post about the mechanics of writing very often or share what I am learning about plot, pacing or structure. The words I share here are me. It is another way for me to hold more hands in life and be blessed by those who join with me. It is my way to clear my vision in regards to my writing ability and my personal growth. What you read here is who I am. Never less. But often more.

Through My Eyes is a place for me to be seen, but more importantly, it is a place for me to see. It is a blog to share the vision behind my eyes, enriched by what is reflected back.  Through My Eyes is memoir of whatever moves me on a daily basis. Inspiration in the big and the little. Life, in all its glorious mess. I dream that you might take something of what you find here and write your own big bold words of HOPE and INSPIRATION across your own life. I pray you do. :)

I passed 200 followers a little while back.
Thank you. For taking the journey with me. And for sharing whatever you do of your own. We are not the only one. And yet, we are not simply one of many. :)


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  1. And finally, I have connected with your blog! :)

  2. You open my mind to ideas I've never even touched. Though it's a different twist, it reminds me of another soulmate writer friend who asks folks, "Would you write if you were the only person on earth?"
    Using your talent for the Audience of One JUST BECAUSE.
    Sigh. Pretty heavy stuff for me b/f the first cup of coffee, but it's good! It's good!

    Love you, girl.

  3. I have just clicked on to facebook. also twitter,


  4. And I am so grateful you do what you do here Tab. There are so many other blogs that write about the craft of writing.

  5. I swear, your posts take my breath away.

    "A soul never unwrapped outside intimacy with another and a life never lived unless you hold plenty of hands along the way."

    Love that line.
    Thanks for being you.

  6. "No one writes on the pages of life in a tunnel of isolation. Those around me constantly shape my words."

    So true.

  7. You have such great insight, it's amazing.

  8. Yes. Ditto. All that you said, Tabitha.

    Thank you.

  9. Lovely expression of an open heart.
    Thanks a lot for writing such awesome posts... your life is our own life, and we so often can relate to all you so wisely state here.
    and sweet hugs!

  10. I am always inspired when I stop by here.

    Congrats on passing the 200 mark, you rock in every writerly way!

  11. I love that we travel and write together on this path of seeking truth. Congrats on 200. It's just the beginning for you.

  12. It's great to hear your awesome stories and to be a reader of yours, Tabitha.

    I love the line, "A musician never heard without an audience." I believe the same can be said about writers. A writer never wrote without readers, whether those readers are of a million people, one person, or just yourself.

    So, continue your journey, Tabitha, you're doing an awesome job. Write on!

  13. This really speaks to me. I was just observing the community today looking for those mundane nuances to infuse into my novel. Your right people shape us, for better or for worse. But what a lonely world it would be without them.

    *I knew I was going to read something beautiful when I came here today. You never disappoint!*

  14. Beautiful post, Tabitha. Congrats on so many followers!

  15. You're just a pleasure to read, m'dear. Lovely words. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Tabitha,
    I’d love to see this up on aussiewriters. And I can definitely see it becoming a book Let me know when it’s ready!

  17. Thanks for all the lovely comments :)

  18. Hey Wendy, thank you for visiting. I think I might have steered you wrong about this blog. When I said Through my eyes was 'memoir' is was more meaning that it is the writings of my heart. NOT that I am wanting to publish the blog as a memoir. I have written a memoir that is titled THE BEAST WITHIN ME. It is currently in the finals stages of revision before submission.
    I think your new website is a fantastic place for aussie writers. There seem to be so few places like it out there.

  19. Congratulations on being on your way to 300 followers.
    It's good to read about you. The mechanics of writing is okay sometimes, but it is repetition of what others have said on other blogs and in the many writing books that are out there. You are unique and no one is telling us about you.

    Tossing It Out