Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Opportunities for Writers

I'd like to introduce you to the editor of Footprints Magazine, Janet Camilleri. Footprints is a great Australian publication that I have had the pleasure of writing for a few times now.  

Janet is actively promoting the magazine with the event of its 50th edition. She is also openly encouraging new voices to contribute articles or poetry for future issues.

Janet, if you had to sum up Footprints in a sentence what would that be?
Inspiration, information and encouragement for Christian women - that’s not too heavy, not too light, but just right! (Now where have we heard that before??! LOL)
Tell us, how did Footprints get started?
I’ve always been a huge reader, and a bit of a magazine junkie! I remember reading Little Women when I was a little girl, and being inspired by Jo. I loved the “Pickwick Papers” newspaper she created, and created my own family newspaper … and even wrote puppet shows and plays, just like she did for her sisters. My poor sisters got dragged into many of my crazy schemes!
When I was just 13, a friend and I started a magazine for penpals … as you can see, I’ve always loved writing as well!
So when a friend and I were bemoaning the lack of a good Aussie Christian women’s magazine, you can understand why I thought just maybe I could do something about it. 

Where do you see Footprints in ten years?
Bigger and better than ever of course! One of my favourite scriptures is in Ephesians 3:20, it talks about how God can do so much more than we could ever hope or dream of. I’m glad because I have BIG dreams, which are probably completely out there and not realistic at all UNLESS God makes it happen – I’d love to see Footprints go monthly; become a full colour glossy magazine; hold women’s camps or conferences; have a chat show on radio or TV; release more books; and much, much more! God has already done so much with this magazine, giving us the equipment, the finances, the people with skills to help us grown and improve all the time – I’m excited to see what else He has in store! We just want to bless the women of Australia – those who need an extra faith lift, to feel like they have a friend, to bring them joy and hope and a jolly good read!
What sort of articles are you looking for? Any special themes or topics you would like to see covered?
I often get people ask me what they should write an article about. This is a really tough question for me to answer, because I don’t know (usually) what their background or experiences are, or what people they have contact with. You may know an amazingly inspirational person who tapdances for the Lord, or works with street kids, or … and it would be great if you could interview them and write about it for us. But I don’t KNOW what these things. Or perhaps you were raped and have managed to overcome this trauma – that would be fantastic if you could share your experiences to help others; or have set up a flourishing business following God’s rules. I won’t know this sort of thing - these are the stories they need to write – sharing and encouraging others from their own life experiences!

I do try to keep a bit of an “Editor’s Wishlist” of topics and themes I would like to see covered in upcoming issues, which I am happy to send out to those who ask. Submissions for our regular columns, “God Answered My Prayer”, “My Favourite Scripture”, and a book review, are always welcome too.
I’d love to see more quizzes in the magazine – I love quizzes! Quizzes can be a fantastic way of getting a point across with a bit of fun. 

How could a writer submit to your magazine?
Writer’s Guidelines are available at, which I urge all prospective contributors to read – as well as to read our magazine. (We are happy to send a free trial copy to Australian residents). 
Footprints is FOR real women, BY real women. Keep your writing friendly, practical and to the point.

Priority goes to our subscribers, who financially support our magazine and it’s vision.
As a general rule, until I know your work, please keep your submissions short and sweet. Features are usually written by writers I have become familiar with. Besides, it’s easier to find a home for your article in our magazine if it fills a “spot”!
I prefer submissions via email, simply because it saves having to re-type the text. Email

How can we subscribe? It’s easy and cheap! Just $12 per year (AUS $) will get 4 issues delivered to your mailbox. (For international mailing rates please email.) You can pay via internet banking (email for account numbers), or send a cheque to Footprints Women’s Ministries Inc, PO Box 1962, Cleveland DC Qld 4163, Australia. And we offer discounts for two or more copies so why not sign up your women’s group or friends while you are at it???!

Visit their website at: 
I encourage you to check out their site and see if this magazine might be for you. 


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