Monday, October 12, 2009

What Does it Mean to You?


Freedom to believe in flight

And deep stillness nestled

Inside His hands

Trusting that

He owns the skies

[For Acrostic Only, Prompt #10. Single word: FAITH]

What about you?

Faith is different things through different eyes.

Care to share what FAITH means to you?

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  1. Oooh, cool acrostic.
    Faith is kind of hard to design, but I do think it has to do with trusting God even when things don't look so good.

  2. Why did I say design? LOL Apparently the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. I meant that faith is hard to DEFINE. LOL

  3. Thanks for sharing Jess. I agree. Trust is easy when the world is rainbows. When you see the rainbow you already got through the storm. What happened in the storm is what faith is all about. I think anyway :)

  4. For me, I'm a bit non-traditional in a lot of my views. But faith is something I feel strongly about.

    I get my version of it from the Lord's Prayer. "Thy Will be done," to me, means handing over the reins, admitting you don't know it all and accepting that what will be, will be.

    I think Faith is about knowing that the right thing happens for the right reason and the right reason is not necessarily, in fact not often, what we want. Sometimes we will never even know why something happened, not in this lifetime. Faith means accepting that.

    You see, if you truly absolutely believe that there is a Heaven out there waiting for us, then doesn't life take on a different perspective? Doesn't it mean that we're here on part of our journey and when this part ends, another begins?

    Therefore, we can stretch ourselves, reach for our goals and fear nothing because really, all fears come down to "I might die". If you don't fear that anymore, then what limits are there, really?

    It's like the post you made awhile back Tab when you asked "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" That's what I think Faith is, knowing that no matter how bad it seems to me, I'm not going to fail. Not really.

    When my nephew died earlier this year, my Faith got a real shake up for awhile but in the end it was stronger than ever. Because I truly believe he's gone for now, not forever. I miss him and I will until I see him again. That won't change.

    I also saw how his organ donations saved five lives, allowed one lady to meet her first grandchild and two children to grow to adulthood. No, it'll never replace him or even begin to. It'll never un-break his Mum's heart, or the rest of us, but it helps to know it was meant to be, no matter how senseless it seems and there is something in there that's good.

    We all die in the end, sorry but we do, its only a matter of how and when. Faith is knowing it will happen exactly how it's meant to. It's only the difference between stepping off at one bus stop or stepping off at one a bit earlier or later. In the end, you're still getting off the bus. Faith is trusting that you'll get off at the right stop.

  5. Ooh Wendy. That was beautiful. Thank you. I share many of those beliefs. I love the bus analogy. Faith to get on the bus, faith the stay there and faith to know when the heck to get off. Yeah, i am trusting I'll get off at the right stop too :))

  6. That is such a big question. There are books written to answer it. I think faith in itself (not dependent on its object) is an essential quality of life as a human being.

  7. Tabitha, welcome to Acrostic Only.

    This is a wonderful thought and a very good acrostic. Faith and I have been friends off and on ... however, these days, where times are so hard for everyone around the world, I look to my faith more than ever, that things will get better; at least I hope so.

  8. Lovely post Tabitha!

    Faith is believing. Trusting in the God of all creation, the saving grace that brought me to the feet of Jesus, and the surrender to His Spirit.

    From day to day it allows me access to the Throne, where I find joy, peace, and hope. The freedom to rest from worry.

    Faith is a critical ingredient to my life.

    Thanks for letting me share!

  9. Awesome Acrostic! I'm glad you joined AO :) Faith = Trust

    What does it mean to me? I have no idea yet. Still searching, still wandering the path. We are like two ships passing sometimes.

    Beautifully done.

  10. What a lovely thing you created! I think Faith for me means the freedom to fly unhindered. Freedom fail and still be loved wholeheartedly. Freedom to live unashamed of the joy He has given. Hmmm, freedom is a running theme here, I see! :)

  11. Sherrinda- freedom to fly unhindered... I like that. Freedom to fly and be hindered... that could be good sometimes too :))

    She Poet. Thank you. Searching and wandering. All good places to be:) I myself still search and wander. I am found and lost. Missing and always here. That's my journey with faith. But at the end of the day I am glad I am under His skies :)
    Thank you for dropping by.

    Tamika- thank you. Beautiful. Me too. Sometimes. And sometimes my faith looks a lot messier :)

    Amias- Welcome. Pleasure to join. Pleasure to read what the real poets are doing (self merely enjoying the chance to play!)
    I hold hope for things to get better too. :)) i think faith is a lot about hope.

  12. *Giggles* Faith is my happy-hyper-pixie looking character in my book who has pink and white hair, and everything about her sparkles (including her personality.)

  13. Faith is giving up the worrying and self-doubt and lack of perseverance to rely on God's hand in everything I do.

  14. Hey, Tabitha!

    In AWANA, they taught us that faith is "Forsaking All, I Trust Him". I think it's the hardest thing I've ever done, and most importantly, it's a verb, not a possession. Faith is something we're supposed to live from, not have or keep. Faith is trust coming alive.

  15. Huge topic, Tabitha. I have always had a very strong Faith, but it would be difficult to define. I once heard someone say if you pray, why worry? And if you worry, why pray? It pretty much says what Faith means to me. I pray and try not to worry.

  16. That was beautiful. I don't know that I can define it any better than you did, but to me, Faith is letting go and letting God.

  17. I like your definition and all of the definitions from the rest of the commenters too. I think faith is trusting that there is something more even though we can't see it.

  18. Faith to me is looking directly at Jesus and simotaneously living under His wing, in complete and total trust. It's a moment by moment thing. I love ow in your interview last week (I believe it was last week) Your friend mentioned she takes the promises of God at face value. I echo that sentiment. I loved her display of faith!!!

  19. I live on faith. Life is too boring othrwise. Step out and do something great. If you know this is what you are supposed to do, do it in faith. Think big thoughts. Do big things.

    Stephen Tremp

  20. Faith, to me, means believing, trusting, moving forward, even when there is no logical reason to do so.

    Straight From Hel

  21. To me, Faith is believing in something so important to you, when life tries to tell you it doesn't exist.

    Thanks for sharing this acrostic, Tabitha!

  22. Tabitha, I liked that acrostic! Faith means many things to me but mostly that my life in the hands of someone bigger, better, so amazing in fact that all I have to do is trust in Him and I'll be guided in the right direction.

  23. Lovely as always, Tabitha! For me, faith is believing in what you can't see until you can.

  24. Fighting for You, even when it seems hopeless
    Allowing life as You author it
    Intimate exchange in daily conversation
    Throwing myself on Your mercy
    Hanging on the promise You will return.

  25. Knowing everything is going to be okay, not matter what is happening.

  26. Amy- so true.

    Wine and words- your visit is always inspiring :) Love that poem.

    Sarah- agreed :)

    Cindy- thank you. Bigger hands that hold are wonderful things to fall back into.

    Eileen- yes, especially when life tries to tell you it doesn't exist.

    Stephen. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope there will come a day where I can say I live on faith. Still approaching that place :)

    T. Anne- yes I like the face value thing too.

    Natalie- thank you.

    Susan- :)) yes, true.

    Karen- welcome home. hope travels abroad were wonderful. Look forward to reading you and finding out what happened :)

    Kristen- I like that- faith is truest coming alive. Nicely said.

    Heather. :)

    Karen Amanda Hooper- LOL :)

  27. Well, this is fun!!

    F - freefalling into grace
    A - Adonai
    I - infinite
    T - treasure
    H - He reigns

  28. Thanks for playing Katie. I had no idea I liked arcostics until I tried one.

  29. Lovely post, Tabitha! And such equally lovely responses as well! I agree with most everyone, and believe that faith is trusting & believing in God to lead you through any and every problem you may encounter on this earth; trusting that God will grant you wisdom & discernment in making the right choices in your life.

    God bless!

  30. Beautiful poem, Tabitha. For me, faith is trusting in God even when I don't want to.

  31. Congratulations! You have won a BAP Awards, for for this poem. Click HERE and scan down!

    Tab this one went to the heart of the matter, and is very thought provoking. I am so glad the judges thought so too!