Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rhyme with me?

Monday Run-day by Nick Sharratt

I'm tired of being deep and meaningful and a snotty little WIP's (work in progress- writting you are currently working on) that is currently standing with his back to me in the corner refusing to speak. Of course this is an improvement from the fit the thing threw when I told him that this was the month. We are going back to the beginning. We are going to iron out the wrinkly sentences and cut the crap. We are going to lose whole paragraphs if need be. It won't be painless. But I am hoping it will be worth it.... You get that I am talking about my writing right...not the kids!

So, today I am taking a break from the land of 'Have-To-Think-Hard-I-Need-To-Post-My-Blog' and I am going to introduce you to my rhyming buddy Mr. Nick Sharratt and his too cute picture book for beginner readers. 

The words are few and far between, but oh so fun. they go like this...

Monday, Run-day
Tuesday, Snooze-day
Wednesday, Friends-day
Thursday, Grrrs-day
Friday, Tie-day
Saturday, Splatter-day
Sunday, Bun-day

Now... my turn... A Week of Editing...

Monday, Stunned-day (is that how much I need to get done this week? Really? Damn!)
Tuesday, Bruise-day (from head banging on desk over how far behind I already am with my writing/editing and it is only Tuesday)
Wednesday, Make-a-mends-day (sorry family, no Mamma hasn't left home. Just writing...)
Thursday, Stirs-day (brain finally thinking, writing happening, editing singing along believe me?)
Friday, My-day. (Six year old at school, toddler at once a week day care. Hello writing all day! How are you? Gosh I missed you since last week!)
Saturday, What's-the-matter- day (nothing. It is Saturday. What could be wrong?!)
Sunday, Fun-day (writing, what writing? No, I'm not supposed to be editing anything. Did someone say beach?)

Your turn! (ah, my six-year-old can do this rhyming thing people. Doesn't even need to be about writing. Just pick a day out of your week and let me have it. Whatcha been up too? 


  1. Haha! I'm not even going to try. But very cute rhyming. :-) Also, have fun with that starting at the beginning. I just deleted a paragraph that I've always loved in my wip, but it had to go because it didn't fit with the character's spiritual state. Wah!
    Good luck!

  2. Ooh--I'm all about the beach!!!! Lucky you!

    Right now all of my days are "What in the world is happening" days as I try to figure this new story out.

  3. love the rhyming. that's great stuff!

    and congrats on the superior comment award from karen!

    Where Romance Meets Therapy

  4. Too funny! I loved your conversation with WIP - and can really relate.

  5. Sorry your WiP is standing in your way! I can't rhyme. But I've been busy. So busy I'm dizzy! Does that count?? :)

  6. Your WIP sounds so much like mine. And here I was hoping they got better after the troublesome first draft. *sigh* Just ignore him, though. I bet he's just testing his boundaries.
    That rhyme was great! Poetry and I don't mix well, so I won't even try.
    Good luck with your editing!

  7. Haha! Your Week of Editing is priceless! Well done with those impressive rhymes. :o

    Nick Sharratt... I remember that name from when I was a child. *Love*

    I had fun trying to come up with some rhymes. This is a Week of Darkness (but it's not about me)...

    Monday - "ummm"-day (a tired and blurry start to the week; the brain is slow to get going)
    Tuesday - "i've-got-issues"-day (fortnightly meeting with the shrink)
    Wednesday - "wish-i-had-friends"-day (feeling alone and unloved)
    Thursday - "nothing-could-be-worse"-day (thinking about all that is wrong with life)
    Friday - "who-am-i"-day (feeling lost and confused)

    I haven't come up with anything decent for Saturday or Sunday, so if anyone wants to fill those in, that'd be great. :D

  8. Hmmm... Thursday is my PROCRASTINATION day. I know it doesn't rhyme. Is it just me or does it seem like as you get closer to the weekend, you start losing steam?

  9. Thursday is the worst day.
    Friday is the sigh day
    Saturday is what's the matterday
    Sunday is really Monday
    Monday is not so fun day
    Tuesday is all to lose day
    Wednesday is the very best day of all. (Because Wednesday Adams is my hero and I hear all things dark and lovely.)

  10. ha ha! This is great. Got me laughing.
    Perfect timing too as my butt is firmly glued to my chair ready to get to work revising some drawings. Okay, enough bloggy goodness for one day. To work!

  11. Kjersten- yes, to work :)

    Suzanne, beautiful. Thought you might play!

    Steph, yes, Thursday can be a down hill slide into the weekend!

    Time is running away- LOVE IT! :) Could be my weeks sometimes. Thank God, not so frequently any more :)

    Sarah, yes I think that WIP was testing the boundaries. He continues to do so today. I think this might be the toddler years of my WIP...or teenage years... there's not much difference is there?!

    Elena, yep, that counts :)

    Thanks Lazy writer and deb.

  12. Thank Jeannie! Gotta love pandas :)

    Jess, I feel the pain :(

    Kristen, Mmmmm.... beach....

  13. Saturday - "Scatter day" as in "everybody come over to my house and we'll scatter stuff everywhere"
    Sunday - "Fun day" as we ignore the mess and play with Daddy all day
    Monday - "Hum-drum day" as I put it all back together again

    and now that I've had my rhyming I shall get back to it...

  14. Funny Bec, love it. Saturday scatter fo sure! But isn't everyday??? My boys think so:)