Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Per Second

Is It My Time?

Sold, produced or cut down every second some where in the world...
150 trees cut down
9 computers sold
168 tones of food produced
27 mobiles sold
1.6 cars produced
3.5 bikes produced

Written, created or printed every second...
19 blogs created
17 books published every hour in the US alone
1 new book published somewhere in the world every 30 seconds

And somewhere out there in the cosmos...
200 stars are born somewhere out there beyond the moon
4.2 babies are born
1.7 deaths

Just Statistics. Meaningless... unless it was your blog, your book, your baby or your life.

It helps me to put things in perspective. Somewhere around this world there is husband who lost his wife. Somewhere there is unbelievable suffering. And somewhere joy just bloomed. A new mother holds her infant, a scientist discovered a new star, a writer just became an author...

Time and seasons ebb and flow, even sadness and joy. Some day maybe I will understand the meaning behind it all. But right now I am content to know that I am where I should be, doing what I should be doing... simply because this is where I am and this is who I am.

Perhaps I believe my time will come?

What about you? A book every thirty seconds... that's a lot of smiling writers!

(stats taken from )


  1. Me, I love statistics! They tell me so much.

    A lot more children being born than people dying, which could mean we are having a baby boom and that we are going to be out of balance with respect to the age ratio.

    According to these statistics there are more bikes than cars being produced which is excellent news!

    However I do like this line, "Just Statistics. Meaningless... unless it was your blog, your book, your baby or your life."

    I'm not writing to be published in a book or anything like that, I am writing to be heard.

    Your time will come, follow your heart or even your dreams!

  2. Perspective is everything. Thanks for sharing and thinking of "it" as mine. :O)

  3. Thank you Wend's place... and I will ;) ...follow my heart that is.

  4. You pick interesting stats, Tabitha! And that is a lot of books. Think of all the creativity being utilized then. Just wonderful!

  5. Love these statistics. They show us as one small piece in a huge universe. Yet we each have so much potential. Great way to start the day! Thanks.

    Straight From Hel

  6. stats! And talk about a lot of books. I hope I get my 30 seconds of fame someday. :)

  7. Forget my fifteen minutes, I want my thirty seconds!

  8. Interesting stats, Tabitha. I like how Wend's place interpreted their meaning. P.S. I did respond to your email. Hope it helps.

  9. Thanks for sharing the statistics. You're so right. It's all about timing and just because we want now to be the time doesn't mean NOW is the right time.

  10. I know... may we all get our "30 seconds" of publishing exultation!

    Thanks for this reminder. You have an awesome way of putting things into perspective. I look forward to reading your blog!

  11. Interesting statistics! I hope we're having a baby boom. We need one.
    I don't usually care for statistics but it is nice to think about the happy stuff, like new babies and new books. :-)

  12. A book every 30 seconds? Really? Wow! That gives me hope. Another great post, Tabitha!

  13. The stats about books really help put things into perspective! If so many others can do it, then hopefully one day we can too!

  14. I love it when odd stats are put together in a way that tells a story. This story is a very happy one. Thank you.

  15. Definitely puts things in perspective.

    You have a little gift over at my blog, stop by and see. :)

  16. That is soooo encouraging to me! Every 30 seconds! Surely there are enough seconds for all of us to share in the fun!

  17. What a great way to look at it. Someday it'll be my thirty seconds!

  18. Thirty Seconds! WOW. I love putting things into perspective, shifting the weight of the possible future.

    Thanks for the cool reminder.

  19. Thank you all. I see we are all willing to give up our fifteen minutes for 30 seconds if it means we get to hold that paper baby ;) I hope we all do one day.

  20. Reminds me greatly of the latest song by Dave Matthews Band Funny the Way it is. All about how good comes with bad, bad comes with good everywhere. It is nice to think that for every rejection letter there will be an acceptance somewhere else. Can't be rejection all the time then right?

  21. I agree Jenn. Can't be rejection all the time :)

  22. Great post. I read one blog post the other day where the author said she has no secret, no advice to share other than she just kept writing.