Friday, September 18, 2009

Dragonfly Wings

Among the milling
dancing stomp of humanity
she sits 
her childhood flooded
his just beginning

boyhood pockets waiting to be filled
 a mind desperate 
to be the silvery flights
of the birds he watches soar from the shadows

she takes his hands
little hands
to walk him across the islands 
she washed up on
to read him possibilities
to offer the moonlight
and to protect
the sweet sound
of those precious wings
transparent as a dragonflies
papery thin
but poised

for innocent days
she knows
are like the kiss of spring
the bubbles 
that will float
through all of later life


And on that note I am leaving for two weeks holidays with my babies. We aren't going anywhere. But school is out for September holidays here in Australia and my boys and I have some memories waiting to be made. So I am going to take a break from blogging world from now until the 5th of October. I'm going to go get some sand in my hair and stick my fingers in some cookie dough.
I look forward to reading your blogs :)

PS- Did that poem suck? Do I need to stick it in the cellar with the wine and let it age? Or take up knitting?


  1. Ooooo, I love the new look! Seriously! It is so cool! I keep changing the look of my blog, and can't find something I'm really happy with. Did you make your own header? It is awesome!

    Have fun on holiday with your family! We'll miss you, but oh, the joy of time off with's the best!

    As for the poem, it is beautiful! I'm not a poetry girl, and have a hard time understanding them. (my son writes poetry and I never "get" them!) :)

  2. Aww I loved the poem! No you do not suck you goose :D

    I hope you have a wonderful time on holiday, although my blog will miss you! I hope you're not going camping ... muahaha! Beware the werecats. (I nearly said meercats, those guys are cute).

  3. I appreciated the spacing of words in your poem. Just when I'm getting into the groove reading your posts, you're leaving. Go figure. Enjoy your time off.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Enjoy your holiday,Tab. I'll be gone starting next Saturday - off to Scotland and Ireland for two weeks. Just soak up those moments with those precious boys of yours.

  5. Ah, I see you found Jayna--the blog looks great. I loved the poem and I'm not just saying that. My favorite line was "boyhood pockets waiting to be filled." Love it. Have a nice blogging break.

  6. Hi, Tabitha! I loved that poem! It was beautiful!

    Good for you for getting a vacation! I hope it's wonderful! I'll see you when you get back!

  7. So many gorgeous images and deep meaning in that poem. Beautiful. Have a great time off. Chase some bubbles.

  8. Have a great time with your family. We'll all still be here when you come back. And the poem was lovely!

  9. The poem is stunning. I loved it a lot, and I'll bet so will your son someday. Have a wonderful vacation. I'll miss seeing you here. The new header is gorgeous.

  10. Gorgeous poem--and I love the new blog look! Have a lovely vacation!

  11. Love the poem and love the new site, very nice on both counts. Have fun making sunny memories!

  12. Thank you all. The new blog design is the genius of Jayna from

    Check her out. Very very reasonably priced and she does great work :)

  13. I love the new look! And I love the poem! And I will miss you!

  14. No your words do not 'suck'. They are heartfelt from a Parent to Child, beautifully so.My fav....
    the thrid stanza, for me.

    Hope you get to make some special memories, you can treasure always.

  15. Suzanne, thanks girl. Means a lot. I will still be coming by your blog, so you better be posting :) I need ma inspiration or I wont get through this edit.

    SarahA- very encouraging considering that you write some of the most brilliant poetry I have ever had the pleasure of reading:) Thanks for stopping by.

    Tira- Thank you. For some reason I can't find the comments button on your site. I am reading you, just not sure how to post a comment on your blog??? what am I doing wrong? Did you take the button off or am I blind?

  16. Enjoyed the poem. Have a great holiday!

  17. Awesome poem. Hope you're having fun!

  18. I'm not an expert on poetry, but I thought it was really nice! Very pretty and flowing.
    Enjoy your vacation! For some reason I couldn't find your name in my dashboard list so I'm sorry I missed some posts.

  19. That poem did *not* suck. Beautifully phrased and absolutely raw in its emotion. I am deeply touched.

  20. Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing. I agree with Sherrinda, fabulous blog background!

    Enjoy the solance of family!

    I'll drop in again when you return.

    Blessings to you...

  21. Thank you all for the comments. Welcome Tamika. Thanks for visiting.
    KM- I haven't forgotten about you blog tour. I will be posting as we agreed :)

  22. A) Love the new header and design! So pretty!

    B) Beautiful poem. I love it!

    C) When you get the MS together how you want it, I'd be happy to sit down with the whole thing, if you think that would be helpful. Just email me. :)

    D) Have a wonderful time with your boys!! Take lots of pictures so we can have fun too!


  23. Thanks Tara. Yeah, I will take you up on that offer to read the MS. Thank you. I have 2 chapters to go and then a read through to tighten it up and get a sense of how the whole thing flows....
    I'll shot you an email about this :)

  24. The poem is beautiful as it is written and I love the new look your sporting these days!

  25. Loving the new look. And that poem was beautiful. Have fun making memories!
    PS: I forgot all about holidays in September. And in December. *sigh*

  26. Thank you comfort writer and Sarah.

    I am back in blogging world early- I will post again on Mon 28th Sept.