Monday, September 28, 2009

Crawling Back

So, I'm back in blogging world early...
Holidays are great. They rage on...
Mud is fun.
Sand is better. Just ask the tiles in the lounge room, they are covered in it. The sand pit(box) used to live outside... I think.
The weather is warm, ice-cream dripping down your chin kind of warm. Squirt-your-little- brother-with-your-drink-bottle warm. Trees and parks are a must. So is skidding down the boat ramp on your butt. Poor little Cyrus. No one told him we were there just to swim...

We went to the zoo. Cyrus renamed all the animals. Pandas are now cats and the emus are now ducks... who knew?
My dining room chairs have been reclaimed. So have my throw rugs. The cubby house needed walls and a roof. Oh, and the paper under the table has to stay. "What else will the cars drive on Mommy?"

In amongst all that I have re-written my first book. It was time. I wrote it last year and it has been collecting dust and a fresh pair of eyes underneath my desk. Don't ask me why that's where I put it. It just ended up there. The re-write started out as an edit, but then one of the characters decided he needed his own POV. Hard to explain how that one worked, but I am hopeful it did...

One week left of holidays... damn. I am one of those mother's who likes her children at home. It's the child in me. She likes climbing into their imaginations from time to time... you know, fighting the aliens and flying through the air on their swing set... just every once and a while. And then there's the cuddles and the reading... did I mention the sand?

But I miss all you guys in blogging world, so I am back early. Yeah me! Well.. I am happy about it:)

So, I am wondering, what do you work around to write? School Holidays? Children? Work commitments? ...Sand???


  1. I work around all of those, the sand is a permanent issue since we live right on the beach and our lawn doesn't grow on account of it's made of sand not dirt. I don't get little feet bringing it inside anymore though, I get whacking great paws doing it. Repeatedly. With hairy toes that contain twice as much sand as is possible according to the laws of physics! Roll on summer :D

  2. I like my kids home too. :-) Even though I'm probably not as imaginative as I should. But I love the hugs, etc.

    Very cute about Cyrus! They're so sweet. ;-)
    ANd congrats on going through your story again! Woohoo!

  3. I work around every and anything!! It's incredibly challenging, but I wouldn't write if I had to wait for peace and quiet!

    Glad that you had such a lovely break and that you're back to blogging!

  4. When did you change the design of your blog? It looks so good.
    I, for one, am happy that school has started. It was a loooong summer vacation, this one. Fun, but... school is not bad at all, for a change.

  5. Wendy- i can picture those doggy paws:)

    Thanks Jess.

    Jody, Yes. Too true. If I had to wait for peace and quiet to follow my dreams I would die old and unfulfilled.

    Lori, thanks. I like the look. Jayna did it for me. Her blog 'friend of a friend blog designs' (link to the right) does great stuff for very reasonable rates. thanks for visiting my blog:)

  6. I'm supposed to be writing around my quest for work, but I admit it's the other way around. Hmmm, no wonder I'm still unemployed. That said, it's the first time in 25 years that I can write when I want to...and it brings so much joy. The clock however, is ticking.

  7. Hi Tabitha!

    Welcome back! I work around a 40 hour a week job, a husband, two children, and a Women's ministry at my Church. Whew! I am tired just thinking about it.

    Writing is all I think about when I am doing everything else. It's always there, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Blessings to you...

  8. Welcome back, love the new look! I'm so attached to the kids, I want them around me all the time. i so know how you feel! SO it's how there now? We are just starting to cool with blankets of fog wrapping themselves around us everyday. I love it.

  9. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands, bill paying, and children, children, children! Congrats on your re-write. I've been revising, but it might as well be a re-write. So much has changed.

  10. Hey, I like the new layout of your blog! Very nice!

    I work around all sorts of things. Children, one in school, one not, laundry, e-mails, bills, guitar practice, cleaning and more cleaning. And then all those things that revolve around writing but aren't actually working on my WIP. Like query letters, researching agents, following blogs, etc. Oh boy!

  11. I like the new look of your blog, too! And congrats on getting to new places with your first book . . . I've started a rewrite of mine, too (it took so long to complete I became a different writer).

  12. i work around all of those and them some. i think we all do...even full-time writers.

    glad you're back!

    Where Romance Meets Therapy

  13. Ah, welcome back! I love having my kids at home too. I love writing while they draw pictures or practice their letters.

  14. Sounds like you were a busy bee! Glad you're back! I work around kids, family, sports, and chores. Pretty common list, I'm sure!

  15. Glad to find you here again. It sounds like your holidays have been terrific. Love seeing your little guy and reading about all the sand. :-)

  16. I love my time with my kids, but don't have near enough patients to teach them, so the seven hours away at school each day works for us. I try to fit all my writing and mommy chores in through the day, to be free for them at night and weekends.

  17. Welcome back, girl! I'm a full time teacher and mother, so getting writing in is always a challenge. :)

  18. Congrats on tackling the re-write! The hardest thing for me to work around is the gardens in summer. They're just soooo needy :)

  19. Cyrus...there was a kid in my high school named Cyrus. This is the second time I've heard that as a first name. Congrats on the rewrite. I work on a computer help desk so when calls are down, I have time to write. When things are busy, I don't have a spare moment.

  20. Welcome back!! Yay for rewriting. Don't you just hate when characters tell you they have more to say than you thought? So annoying ;)
    I write around school and my Twitter/blog/Youtube/general online addiction.

  21. Thank all for the warm welcome back to blogging universe. Thank you all for coming back to visit and comment:)