Thursday, August 13, 2009

Simple Things

I made a monumental error in mummy judgement. In my defense, I was tired and the boys (2 & 6), were happily watching a DVD.... time for a short rest on the bed?
( I know. I know.)

And for five minutes there was silence.

I was just stretching out when sounds of rustling and cupboards banging reached my ear. And then came the giggling....

And I discovered that...
1. when two boys are playing, silence means they have discovered something.
2.when two boys are playing giggling means you should quickly go discover what it is that they have discovered.
3. Happy is made up of simple things.

My boys found a roll of trash bags and... well, the photo tells the rest of the story.

I thought I'd share, because today sucked, and I need to remember where happiness lives.

So here's my list of five simple things that take me straight to happy every time.

1. butterflies, dragonflies, things that fly...
2. been awoken by rain in the middle of the night
3. the silence of snow falling ( I haven't always lived in sunny Australia :)
4. letting myself be held
5. and my giggling boys...yes, even when they unravel the trash bags.

What about you? Where does your Happy live?


  1. At least they didn't massage peanut butter or vaseline into the floor and carpet like mine once did. I still shudder...

  2. Love the photo,Tabitha. What an important lesson you learned. Silence is not golden--it's,hmm, could be dangerous even. Love your happy list. Mine is: quiet time to write, singing, folkdancing, butterflies, sitting on porch watching the rain, I could go on, but I won't. Blessings,

  3. That is an adorable photo. For me, happiness lies in reading a good book while cuddling with the husband.

  4. Is there any more beautiful sound on this planet than children's laughter? They're adorable!

  5. Got to love kids giggling. Sending butterflies your way. xx

  6. Sadly, these days, my happiness lies in pharmaceuticals.

  7. That is an adorable picture!! I love this post. Sorry you had a crummy day. Glad your giggling boys could cheer you up.

    My Happy lives in Brogan's laugh, my dog's floppy ears, and laying on my husband's chest and listening to his heartbeat.

    Oh - and the rain in the middle of the night is great too!!

  8. Thanks all for the comments and sorry I did not get around to your blogs last night. It was a really crappy day, I am surprised I managed to throw up a post. So thanks for visiting and I'm off to do the rounds on your blogs.

    Suzanne, I totally understand that one :)

    Thanks Katie and Shelley.

    No steph, I don't think there is a better sound than children's laughter.

    Karen, I love your list :)

    Melody, yes, reading does it for me too.

    Thanks Megan.

    Oh T.Anne, your poor thing!

  9. Oh my gosh! That's so sweet. Since I have boys myself, I TOTALLY know what you mean. LOL Mischeivous little guys, but oh so cute. ;-)
    Rain in the night makes me happy too. A kiss from hubby is nice, and hugs from my little boys!

  10. Great list Jessica. Yeah, little guys are great bags of mischief but we love em.

  11. Awesome post!!

    My happy lives in the smiles of my family. Seeing them happy always makes me happy!!

  12. I find happiness in quiet times, reading, falling rain and quiet walks in nature. Love the picture. My brothers had similar fun one time when I was babysitting - only with toilet paper AND water!