Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cows that Type?

Click Clack Moo. Cows that Type.
Picture book by Doreen Cronin

The importance of words typed by the right kind of cow...
When being a cow without a blanket seems like an unfair lot in life, comes a tale of communication breakdown, leaders who don't and cows that won't...

Farmer Brown has some intellectually frustrated cows with cold hides. They have made their request. In a typed letter no less. All day long he hears them.
Click, clack, moo. Click, clack, moo.
The barn is cold. They'd like some blankets.
I've visited a barn in winter. I can understand.

Farmer Brown is a bit of a traditionalist. Cows give milk. They don't type letters. Fair enough. Not very opened minded, but farming is fairly straight forward. No need for divergent thinking. This is the way it has always been done.
Oh, how many Farmer Browns I have met! They are in charge, but they aren't reading their letters, if you know what I mean.

Poor Farmer Brown. Being a leader is tough. It's lonely at the top they say... and lonely at the bottom when you feel like a cow with no blanket.

The cows go on strike. Farmer Brown is the only one who didn't see thatcoming.
They type another letter. No milk today. Reasonable really. What else do you have to withhold when you are a cow who isn't being heard?

Click clack moo. Yet another letter is typed. The cows have needy friends. Friends who can't type. The hens are cold too. They'd like electric blankets.
Well, you may as well go for broke when you are not being heard. If you are a cow with no blanket, you probably do know some hens who, though they come from very different walks of life, still suffer with the cold on a blanketless night.

Farmer Brown gives no response. Ignore the problem. It will likely disappear. How wise those at the top can be.

Click, clack, moo.
Yet another letter. Now the hens are on strike.
No milk. And no eggs.

Farmer Brown finds a type writer of his own. Milkless, eggless farms are a bit of a problem, even for the Farmer Browns of this world. You can't ignore the cows and hens when you aren't getting what you need.

All be it late, Farmer Brown is going to lay down the law. They are cows and hens. They WILL give him milk and eggs. This is his farm after all. Yeah... I wonder how they will work for him.

Duck gets involved.
There is always one isn't there? The on looker who feels everything going down on the farm is their business. A 'do gooder' who takes it upon themselves to 'do good' with alteria motives. Watch out
for the duck in the midst of a problem...

The cows hold an emergency meeting.

Click, clack, moo. They will exchange their typewriter for electric blankets. Simple. Brains at the top could have thought of this.

Duck delivers the cows' letter. How helpful...

Farmer Brown gives in. No more letters, and he will have his milk and eggs... he agrees to the blankets.

Beast and foul are now warm in the barn. The masses are appeased. All creatures are happy. Peace reigns. Right?

Click, clack, quack.
The pond is quite boring, the ducks would like a diving board...

Here's my take on life.
If your cows are a typin' better see what can be done before the ducks get involved and you end up with a diving board in your pond. Farmer Browns should realize that cows may eventually find a type writer. The desperate often find a voice.

Those who can write, should. Every hen needs a cow willing to type up their cause. Stories need to be told. Letters need to be written. Farmer Browns need to know. Effects of decisions should be explored.

In short, the world is full of ducks and cows and hens, and a few Farmer Browns at the top. But words are mighty little things with great potential in the ...um...hands of the right kind of cow.

PS- I'm a cow. What about you?

Full version of this picture book, minus my... um... 'insightful' input, is available at Amazon.com. Your kids will love it too. Although little ones will get a laugh, try reading this book to older children. Just think of all the cows and hens and farmers you could chat about...


  1. Ha! Now let's get some politicians over to your blog... LOL

  2. LOL Tab, that sounds absolutely marvellous :D I'm definitely a cow too!

  3. I LOVE that book. It's great. There's another one...I can't remember what the name is. I'm a cow, too. :)

  4. We love these books around our house! I like how you paralleled that to us! No matter what prevails to stop us, there are some of us with stories that have to be told!

  5. I've been a hen for far too long. I'm ready to be a cow!

  6. Oh my gosh I loved this! Sounds hilarious!!

    Farmer is a traditionalist..... still laughing over here....

  7. Jessica, yeah when are the politicians going to start subscribing to ma blog?!

    Wendy, nice to meet another cow :)

    Katie, I long suspected you too were a cow :)

    Jody, Uh huh. Some stuff has got to be written. Thank you.

    Stephanie, welcome to the world of cows. Hens are wonderful, but since you can write, I am glad you want to find your inner Moo!

    Thank you Megan :)

  8. It's so fun stopping by your blog. I can always expect something original and enjoyable.

  9. I have never even heard of this book. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I have this book. I love it! We actually have a dairy farm. And yes, I am a cow!

  11. Oh that's so cute! Must get book lol!

  12. I've been wondering if this book is worth getting! I now have my answer. Moo!

  13. Reminds me of that song.."cows with guns"...The evidence is mounting that they aren't the peace loving bovines we thought they were after all!

  14. Thank you Cindy :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog Diane.

    LazyWriter, LOL. You have a dairy farm??? That's great. Cow's behavin?

    T.Anne and ckhb, I highly recommend the book. It's better than my 'retelling'.

    Hey Matty. Um, some how I think the cows with guns may have had other issues.... like being eaten. And...um... we all know how you love your steak! But yes, I see your point about the 'peace loving bovines' Perhaps we are all having the wool pulled over our eyes :)
    Have a great day at work.