Thursday, June 25, 2009

When NOT to give a kid a book

Okay, I know I have been carrying on and on about reading to children and getting kids hooked on books from an early age. But I was wrong. Not totally wrong. I just needed to add this disclaimer, because I didn't think of this morning's scenario. So, I am going to amend my views accordingly...
This morning (cold, 'late-night-last-night' kind of morning) my two year old woke at the crack of dawn...okay, it was 7:30am. I know, I know, that's a very reasonable time, was the crack of my dawn AND it was cold... get it, right?
So, I went in to my 'adorable-at-any-other-time-of-day' son's room and said, "Mummy loves you , but not right now." No, I didn't!
Instead I mumbled something about it being early and wouldn't he just love to curl up quietly with one of his little board books? Hey? Wouldn't that be nice? Just for Mummy? PLEASE?
I pushed a stack of books into his cot and tiptoed back out his door. 
Just...need...another...couple...of minutes sleep. PLEASE!
I crawled back under my inviting covers congratulating myself for being so clever. Toddler's room was quiet. Mmmmm....more sleep!
Then I heard the sound of several books being thrown against his bedroom wall. But, wait. No crying...
Okay, he didn't appreciated the reading suggestion, but would he stay quiet enough to let me get some extra sleep?
Ahhh, no. 
The next thing I heard was the sound of squeaking. Yes, squeaking. The kind that comes from those cheap board books that some evil publisher thought need to contain a squeaker to entertain children. Clearly, the words and pictures in the book are not enough...
My toddler happily sat there proving such evil publishers correct.  For the next five minutes I listened while my son squeaked away. I was delusionally  hopeful that he may lose interest in squeaker book. No, Nup. Not at all. If I had said, "Darling, please sit in your cot and squeak your book for Mummy." Do you think that's what would have happened...not a chance.
So I have learnt a couple of lessons today. (And, no, one of them is not to go to bed earlier. When would I write? )
Firstly, all good squeaker board books should go to heaven via the bin. And secondly, choose books for early morning reading VERY carefully. AND lastly, there are some occasions when children do not need books.
Just wondered if there has ever been a time you regretted giving a kid a book??? 


  1. My sons ate a good portion of goodnight moon when he was a toddler...defenitly then.

  2. Thanks for dropping by T. Anne. I know what you mean about kids and 'book consumption'. LOL