Friday, December 10, 2010

Ode to Holes

Wonderful, aren't they?
They are the beginning of something. The thing I stand above, scratching my head, often wondering what is at the bottom.
They make me dream.
They also make me nightmare.
That's the nature of holes.
They aren't all sweet little slots where you place a coin, turn the handle and wait for what you want to fall down another hole and into your waiting hands. Not all holes are vending machines. And thank God for that.
I might never have seen the beauty of life if not for holes. If not for the chance to fall into one, to desperately shine my torch light along the roof of a hole that joined forces with many holes to become a tunnel, I would never have seen the possibilities. Because that's what a hole is. You can wonder what's at the end, if you'll get to the end or if indeed there is an end, but the hole remains what it is.
The perfect  invitation.

Holes invite you to look. To search. To go places, or lead other's to places. They invite you to step down, step side ways, step around or stop. To poke your finger through or peer into the possibilities.

They invite you to notice.
The hole in your pocket. The hole in the fence. The hole in your writing. The hole in your dreams. The hole in your life, your marriage, your friendships.
Dare I say it?
The hole in your heart.

They invite questions.
Did something use to be where this hole was? Has this always been a hole or is something missing? Should I do something about the missing something?

They invite a challenge. Can I sew up the hole? bridge the hole? Climb out of the hole? Fill the hole in? Talk my way out of the hole? Or do I grab my quivering little heart full of holes and just jump right into life and all its uncertainties?

Holes make me more attentive. They make me walk around, take a different way home, take the time to talk to those I love, be more real, expose my own holes and care about the holes other people show me. They make me imperfect. They make my life imperfect. They mean I live in an imperfect world. And that my dear friends is the wonder of holes.

they say, this is not the end, it might not even be the beginning. It's just a hole. What will I do about it?
Holes invite change. Even the ones that collapse under foot and suck you in, even the ones that bleed, yes even them, they speak of possibilities.

Of course you could ignore the holes. You could. But I wouldn't. Holes have a way of still being there even with your eyes squeezed shut. I warn you though (it's only fair), holes lead to new worlds. Ask Alice who found madness, but also her Wonderland. She knew. And I know too. Holes are magical things. Ugly things. Beautiful things.

Despise not the humble hole. Without the hole, without the space, without the void, there  is no pathway to somewhere else.


  1. "Despise not the humble hole" ..... Love the thought and all that is makes me think next! :O)

  2. Thinking of you JBR. Hugs tonight

    Diane- thank you. Enjoy the battle of your own holes and all they show you about life.

  3. Completely agree with you, Tabitha. Holes can be a lot of things: from teaching us lessons in patience to being a challenge. They really do test our strength.

  4. I'm thanking God for the holes, some so deep I thought I would never find a way out. But there was that hand that stretched low to find me, and pull me free. Yes, thank God for opportunities to change and see and know new days, new weeks, new hours.

    I read something similar about doubts--that these are doors to discovering truth, and should not be condemned, but welcomed.

    thank you for sharing your wisdom. Blessings.

  5. Oh, what an awesome post. I couldn't stop reading. Then I thought about holes. My holes that I've made for myself in life. STUPID ME. Though as Melissa says above, God taught me lessons even though I didn't want to learn them at the time. But now I'm thankful for them. :) Holes DO show me I'm imperfect. And as a human, I need to see that lest I getteth the big head.

    And I thought about an idea for a MG book. About a whole. Hmmm, idea file, here I come. Excellent, thought provoking post.

  6. What would we do without holes?

    Interesting post.

  7. What a great writing prompt the questions of holes offers! Looked at this way, they definitely open a passageway for story.

  8. Great places for exploration. The unknown, the humbling, the unspoken...Thank you, Tabitha.


  9. If nothing else, holes certainly are an ivitation to adventure. Thanks for sharing, Tab. You're right on and have said it beautifully!

  10. holes, they are so inviting, to look through, to look in.
    Nice read, especially on a thing we seldom take notice of.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. The hole in your soul. Had it all my life, tried every which way but one to fill it. Then surrendered and it became filled.

    Thanks for your magnificent post.

  12. I will never look at a hole the same way again. :)

  13. You've spoken to me. I see the holes in my life through the lens of possibility. Thank you for this gift!

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  15. Oops! i was just wondering..
    Would swiss cheese still be swiss without the holes? The bigger the holes the better i like it.

    Sometimes we don't miss the stuff thats missing.. we're so used to being stuffed though.

    but as you say there are worlds beyond imagination to explore... with perhaps less a lighter load?
    i love your ponderings Tabitha!
    * kare
    (Onyx-Rose + iznaabugg)

  16. A wonderful post Tabitha, most interesting to read. very thought provoking.

    Have a good week-end;

  17. Tabitha, such a wonderful way to look at holes many thoughts and ideas....

    Have a glorious Sunday. xxx

  18. This is too gorgeous to just leave here. I'm copying this off and printing it. I'm gonna put it on my corkboard. As a reminder....

    You're very insightful, creative, and wise....

  19. TB appreciate your thoughtfulness, thank you. Blessings.

  20. Thank you to everyone who came by to comment :) I am off to visit blogs now.

  21. Another powerful and amazing analogy. It's always about balance, and we need holes, emptiness, shadow, to help us see what's there.