Monday, August 2, 2010

Hold Belief

I believe in painted colors splashed across a post-storm sky.
I believe in beauty from junkyards, left overs and the overlooked.
I believe in cracked lives that aren't afraid of their imperfections.
I believe in holding your future, though it be water in your hands.
I believe in music even if you cannot hear.
I believe in whispers that reach you in the midnight hours and wrap themselves around your wounds.
I believe that could be you.

I believe in saving photos in your mind to keep you company in old age.
I believe in the thunder of togetherness, the healing in holding hands and kissing lips.
I believe in home being a place where you always are, not a building you live in.
I believe in the possibility of one drop becoming an ocean.
I believe in those we least expect doing the unexpected.
I believe that could be you.

I believe in the power of words to eclipse your life time.
I believe in stretching the dimensions of our thinking so we may never return to smallness again.
I believe in the greatness of Him to add to the littleness of me.
I believe in the unseen, the unprovable, the improbable.
I believe in finding when you are not looking and seeking when you think you've found.
And I believe in miracles.
I believe that could be you.

What about you? What do you believe in?


  1. What, I'm supposed to answer that now? Sorry, dear friend, I can't, because i am sitting here stunned! Wow. This is amazing, truly. I want it on my wall or something.

    Have you ever heard John Lennon's song listing all the stuff he doesn't believe in? It's actually quite good. But this is like the opposite of that song, all the things you DO believe in, and it has such power.

    I will be back to read this again. I hope that you know what you've done here.

  2. Another gorgeous piece! How DO you get it done?
    This reminds me of Cynthia, Father Tim's wife in the Mitford series. SO MUCH positive thinking!

    I love so many things that I write novels about them!
    A few?
    Bold women
    Tender men
    Soft babies
    Old dogs
    Perfumes with exotic essences
    Folks in crazy love with Jesus
    Candles with exotic essences
    Good bloggers like you

    Congrats, BTW. It really was random, though it looks suspect as we'd just talked. But God is like that!!!

  3. Okay, THAT was wild...I went in and saved this to my favorites in my poetry folder, and when I did, something went screwy with the page, and there were little blackbirds flying on the page. It must be a bg you have underneath the template you're using. Tabitha birds! Ha!

  4. I believe in the power of inspiration, which you have so admirably done here. Brightest blessings Tabitha!

  5. Shay- you know you make me smile, right? :) Thank you for your words girl. I will be riding high the rest of the night.

    Patti- thank you. It just comes out. Sometimes easier than other times. This one slipped out easy. Something build in you and come out like they have been holding their breath just waiting for you to release them. Ever find that?

    Wendilea- Inspiration. Yes. Me too. :) Thank you.

  6. Wow--that was awesome writing! I believe you are really talented!

  7. I hear music all the time. See it sometimes.

    I believe there is so much more going on around us than we'll ever see.
    ~ Wendy

  8. I also believe in miracles. I believe that dreams can come true.

  9. All I can say is this is wonderful and exceptional.


  10. I believe in prayer, miracles, and open and close doors. I believe there is a forordained purpose for each and every individual because God doesn't make junk.

    Stephen Tremp

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  12. I like the leaps you make in your writing!
    I believe in the basic goodness of all sentient beings. I believe in taking no refuge but in the three jewels - the dharma (truth), the sangha (community) and the Buddha (the human who showed us that we could do it). I believe in the beauty of the world and that suffering is holding on to what is ephemeral -which is all of it. Thanks for your truth and beauty, Tabitha!
    Jan Morrison

  13. I believe in me and I believe in you, Tab. And I believe in the power of the Spirit to overcome just about anything, if we work hard at it.

  14. I love reading your words! Savoring them. Letting them seep through me. :)

    I believe in good, that one can rise from the ashes, and that beauty can be found in nearly everything. :o)

  15. If I could pick just one line, or two or three that are my favorite from above... it just couldn't be... absolutely stunning write! the images, the thoughts, just amazing! Excellent job!

    FYI: you are always able to quote me, only if I am able to do the same of you :)

    Keep on believing, I believe in you.

  16. I believe you can stare a hummingbird in the eye...

  17. Great list. I believe in others and their hopes and dreams sometimes even more than mine. :O)

  18. I believe you are a deep, deep well, TAbitha, and one day, your books will be on the bookshelves, on Amazon, in libraries, and touch many, many lives.

    I believe in you.

    Thanks for that poem. It brought tears to my eyes.

  19. GOsh it that beautiful! I think that should be song sung in every nation. You are a true inspiration.

  20. As always, you are filled with beautiful, hopeful sentiments that compel me to laugh and cry at once... if that makes any sense at all.

  21. Oh, I just realized that I forgot to answer your question... see what your words do to me!

    Hmm... well, I believe in the possibility that life can always get better and that dark chocolate can improve any bad day.

  22. I believe in those we least expect doing the unexpected.
    I believe that could be you.

    So very true!

  23. This is really beautiful!

    I believe I am a lucky person for finding your blog!


  24. "I believe in finding when you are not looking and seeking when you think you've found" This one keeps popping up in my life. Thanks for your beautiful, inspiring words.

  25. I believe inspiration comes just when I need it, like now through your words! Thank you for helping me to open my eyes and see the beauty in the mundane!

  26. I believe everything will always work out. I don't know why, but I do. Which is really funny since I always have a freak out moment before I remind myself of this.

    You are very inspiring.

  27. Wow. That was stunningly beautiful, Tabitha. And I love the picture.

    I believe God is good - all the time.
    I believe family should always come first.
    I believe positive thinking can conquer most sorrows.

    I loved this! :-)

  28. thanks for the comments ladies. You make me smile :)

  29. I beleive in the power of compasion and joy in sharing it. Beautiful piece Tabitha! Thanks for stopping by the other night. It's great to be back on here.