Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Insert Screeching of Brakes

I was born. Fast and hard.
I grew up. Fast and hard
I played. Fast and hard.
And I broke.
Are we there yet?

I met him. Fast and hard.
We grew up. Fast and hard.
We played. Fast and hard.
But I was broken
Are we there yet?

I got honest. Fast and hard.
I looked in the mirror. Fast and hard.
There were moments. Fast and hard.
But I found me.
Are we there yet?

I boxed. Fast and hard.
I ran. Fast and hard.
And I wrote a memoir. Fast and hard.
My work gained interest.
Are we there yet?

(insert screeching of brakes)

Here's what I know.
Fast and Hard is at great risk of missing Gentle and Ready.
The right moment is known only to itself. Or God. And they aren't telling me.
I'll get there when I get there.
No. Not now.... or now ...... or even now.
And when it happens, I'll understand the divine purpose in waiting.

I still box. Fast and hard.
I still run. Fast and hard.
I still write. Fast and hard
And I ask-
Are we there yet?

What about you? Do you do slow well?


  1. Interesting! :)

    I liked this line 'I still write. Fast and hard'.

  2. Slow is really not my thing -- or patience.

  3. Excellent post Tabitha,
    I tend to be quick perhaps sometimes I ought to put the brakes on for my own good.


  4. I love the way you write. Learning to do slow better.
    ~ Wendy

  5. Stay the course Tabitha! You're bound to win!

  6. I probably do slow TOO well. LOL Sometimes I need to learn how to be Fast and Hard.

  7. Tab, even if the folks who currently have your manuscript are not interested, you are still a winner, because there is an agent/publisher out there who will accept it. Patience is not easy. Take it from one who knows. But try to let go of the results and focus on your work and your babies and your hubby.

  8. Tabitha, your writing just sings. I tell you this all the time, girl. But do you believe it in your gut?

    Sigh. No, I don't do slow well at all. This summer has been an avalanche of activity and I have piled on more.

    Gonna start listening better to that Audience of One

  9. No. That's what impatience is for! Although, at times, slow seems like the only option and might give me time to think.

  10. "Fast and Hard is at great risk of missing Gentle and Ready."


  11. The only thing I do fast and hard is write, and even then I slow down when editing in order to get everything just right. I do work my paying job fast and focused, as well. But apart from those two things, I do slow extremely well.

    Oh, but I, um, drive like a maniac. LOL.

  12. I need to keep moving. I can't stnd it when someone expects me to stand there with my hands dangling by my side doing nothing. I tell them if this is their expectation, then they have the wrong guy.

    Stephen Tremp

  13. I'm a pretty laid back person. I think I've mastered the art of slow. ;)

  14. I'm willing to learn to do slow. Problem is, if I'm not busy I may start worrying that life is passing me by.

  15. I like run down my goals like a lion, as fast and as hard as is necessary to be effective. Sometimes I need to lie quietly and stalk.

  16. I used to go at things hard and fast, but then I realized slow and easy wins the race.

  17. I'm slow and steady by nature. :0

    LOVE the poem. Reminds me of a character in a book.

  18. I really like your poem, I would definitely say you have "arrived"!

  19. Great poem, you are on that road, and whatever speed it is, I'm with you. :)

    PS: Your writing has riveted me from day one I discovered your blog (sometime last year, I think). I was jealous at first, then intrigued, and now, genuinely happy for you. You are a treat to read and visit, I love to see how your mind works. You are going places, and I am happy to see it.

  20. Oh! I love, love this! So glad to have found you through Wendy's blog!

  21. What a fantastic poem! Gentle and Ready. Yes.

  22. This might be my favorite of all your writing. Soooo perfect in so many ways. It holds all your feelings and all your process in a few powerful words. The fact that the poem could have been about me probably doesn't hurt.

  23. That 's a great reminder not to be in hurry for things to happen because invariably they end too soon.

  24. Absolutely wonderful post and great reminder to slow down. I try, but it doesn't always work :)

  25. Wow - love it!

    Do I do slow? Yes, when I am not doing manic.