Monday, June 14, 2010


[Isaiah, Six]

Six was about late afternoons cuddled up on the couch, hot chocolate, one for me one for you.
"No, you can't drink it laying on my bed."

Six was about laughing at dog shaped clouds.
"Mommy they look like my Dogga! Can you kiss me and Dogga? We love you."

Six was about books under your blankets with a torch, you think I don't know baby?
"Didn't I say lights out?"
"One more chapter, Mommy?"
Then snuggling down with you to read it.

Six was about two front teeth missing, that sweet boy smile.
"Can you name my freckles Mommy?
"This one is Mary."
"Okay, Jack."
"That's better, Mommy. I only have boy freckles."

Six was about dump trucks in the sand, shoes in the sand, sand in the hair and making up names for imaginary dragons.
"Wanna fight the aliens with me, Mommy?"
"Sure, but I only have a cardboard sword."
"Oh, they're the best to kill the aliens. Look out Mommy, here they come!"

Six was about teddies dressed in tin foil astronaut outfits and sliding down backyard hills in the pouring rain.
"You can't catch me, Mommy!"
"Oh yeah, how come I've got you already?"

Six was a wild and crazy ride.
Seven should be a riot.
Bring it on. I can hardly wait.

Happy Birthday my Lego building, alien fighting, handball bouncing kid.
If love could be more fun, I do not know how.


  1. Okay now, THAT got the heartstrings twanging. Mine is mostly concerened these days with computers and his girlfriend, but there was a day when he was all Ninja Turtles and sheet-forts. Enjoy seven, Tab. :-)

  2. oh that was lovely. My eldest is forty. Try and imagine that because believe me I can't. My eldest step child just turned 17. I met him when he was nine...

  3. Happy Birthday Isaiah! Seven is a very important year and a very lucky number to boot :)

  4. Thanks guys.

    Wow Jan, I can't imagine. I am trying to work out where six years have gone, forty? I cannot imagine forty.

    Shay, sheet forts! Oh I forgot about that!

    Thanks Wen :)

  5. I love this!!! Growing up is so bittersweet. Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  6. awww..happy birthday to your sweet little boy!

  7. Who knew cardboard swords were best to kill aliens? Great news! Happy Birthday, Isaiah. I'm glad you are enjoying it all, Tabitha. :)

  8. Oh, the moments go by so fast, Tab. My son is 37 and like Jan, I can't believe it. Enjoy seven, and eight, and....and....and...

  9. Beautiful. I have to tell you I cried when each of my kids lost their front teeth. They looked so grown up after that.

  10. Lovely. My baby turns 17 this summer...

  11. This is sooo cool! Your writing reminds me of "Eleven" by Sandra Cisneros.

    Each year brings treasures and tragedies, doesn't it? But with God storehousing everything, I think we'll make it.


  12. This was truly beautiful and I wish your little Shinobi a very happy birthday and many, many more lego building/alien fightin'/ball bouncin' years at least 110.

  13. This made me teary, and excited for all the moments to come with my little man. :)

  14. Thank you all. My little guy woke this morning to lego and sports shoes and more handballs. The fun is set to continue :)

  15. What a cute little fellow. Happy birthday to him. :0)

  16. So touching. A beautiful read. Mine is twenty years on from yours, but I can remember the sort of days you've described as if it were yesterday.Happy birthday to your cute son.

  17. Oh wow, beautiful post, Tabitha. I can't wait in that stage with my daughter.

  18. Oh, I LOVE this, Tab!

    What a lucky, lovely, wonderful boy!

  19. Put this in his scrapbook! You area marvel my friend. You are one of my FAVORITE blogs to visit. Keep up the good work!

  20. I can totally relate to your six year old! I have one too and he's turning seven this summer. It's such a precious age!

  21. So wonderful to record these moment.

    Happy birthday, Isaiah!

  22. Six is so lucky. Six has something I never did...and he doesn't even realize it. But he will, someday he will...when you think he's long forgotten and college textbooks are all he reads. Someday he'll write you a song, or send you a letter, and you will know, how fondly he remembers six.

  23. I remember when. Thanks for the memory!

  24. Sweet post! Happy Birthday, big guy!

  25. awww! i love it! you captured the little moments so perfectly! I love those little moments!!!

    happy birthday to your little man! and great job mommy for the last 7 years!

  26. I'm catching up on blog reading tonight.

    This post resonates, as my twins will be turning 7 in a few more months. I love age six, though. Love It!