Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Big Thing to Think

(conversation between myself and my then four year old son Isaiah. I had to share this one)

Isaiah: Mommy, I've been thinking something big.
Me: Yeah? What's that?
Isaiah: I'm thinkin about who to marry.
Me: Oh. (smiling)Well, that is a big thing to think about.
Isaiah: The problem is Mommy, that I don't know that many girls.
Me: I see. Hmmmm...
Isaiah: And the other problem is that the girl I know that I like got married already.
Me: (trying to suppress a laugh and wondering what he thinks the word 'married' means since I assume he is talking about a girl in his class) Oh, that is sad. Is she a girl in your class?
Isaiah: No. Don't be silly. The girl I like is a big girl.
Me: A big girl? (now totally confused and a tad worried)
Isaiah: Yeah. You know her.
Me: I do?
Isaiah: uh huh.
Me: And you really like her?
Isaiah: I love her.
Me: okay, I give up. Who is it?
Isaiah: Mommy! It's you! But you already married Daddy! (folds his arms and pouts)
Me: (trying not to giggle or rush over and hug him just yet since he is being so serious.)
Oh, well yes. I love you too. But I did marry Daddy.
Isaiah: I know (sighs) I'll have to find someone just as nice as you.

I did hug him at that point. What a sweetie. Just like his father :)

What about you? What big things are you thinking? :)


  1. Awwwww! I LOVE kids. They're so sweet. I have lots of big thoughts pounding through my skull, and most of them have to do with writing! LOL But some have to do with God and my family and how I should live.
    Such pressure. *grin*

  2. Okay, so that is officially the third time you made me cry today.

  3. What a sweet story. So glad you wrote it down. I hope you write it down in a book of memories for him to read some day.

    Straight From Hel

  4. WOW, Tabitha! We teach 3rd and 4th graders, and I'm always amazed how big they think. But four???

    Big thoughts: just to live in God's grace and be ready to share the reason for the hope I have...

  5. Very sweet story! I found you through Jill's blog. I'll be coming back for sure. Isaiah is beating me on the big things I am thinking about today.

  6. Perfect story! These are the memories to write down and read in ten and fifteen years.

  7. How precious is this? Do you have any idea how lucky you are, Tabitha? And how lucky that little boy is to have you as a mommy. Thinking big...hmmm. As big as I can think right now is getting some words down on a page.

  8. Super cute! I'm not thinking too many big things right now. I'm trying hard to survive this week. I'm hosting a huge party Saturday and it's sucking me in like a vortex.

  9. I have a list my son wrote when he was small, but big enough to write full sentences...He was going to marry Amber, a girl in his class. She was an angel and he was going to marry her. They would have two kids, a boy first and then a girl. It went on...the planned life of one so young...plotting a future that could not yet be written, but sure wanting BIG things :) Thank you for reminding me of that! He turns 21 next week. Imagine. Amber has long been out of the picture. Turns out she wasn't such an angel after all.

  10. How cute is that?? I hate to admit it, but my brain is fried... No big thinking going on here today.

  11. That is possibly the most adorable and sweetest thing I have ever heard. What a beautiful, kind-hearted boy you have, and very smart too :)

  12. I love that!! that is one of the most adorable conversations I've ever heard!

  13. Hey Is this something that happens to all 5-7 year olds... My son keeps telling me he loves me and is my love and He would like to be my one and only man. etc

    He is so sweet! I have to tell him.. Hey stop... But deep inside i feel so very happy...

  14. Awwww, how sweet is that? I love kiddos!

  15. That's so sweet! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to say cute stuff like that.

    It's funny you ask about big stuff, because I'm thinking about HUGE stuff on my blog:

    Face Time: You;I

    Depression, connection, isolation, existence...

  16. Love that. Kids says the most honest things, don't they? Unedited, as it were.

    Lately I'm thinking how I can squeeze more writerly hours out of an already packed day. Not sure how but know there's a way to be more effective.

  17. Give him a huge hug from me. What an adorable kid!

    ~ Rayna

  18. AWWWWWW that is super, super sweet. What a honey!

  19. Oh man, that is sweet. :)

  20. That's HILARIOUS. He's really thinking ahead. Sharp cookie!

  21. Saw this coming a mile away, all great mommies bear sons that want to marry them. Couldn't be more natural or more beautiful!

  22. What a sweet story! I hope it's found a permanent niche in your heart for gray days.

  23. Thanks for your comments all. He is a sweetie. I am a blessed Mommy :)

  24. Really cute....Besides i'm sure he 'll never find any girl more lovely than his mother ;-).
    Especially when you pour so much love on this angel.
    Anyway, what is true for him has been so funny for me!