Monday, January 11, 2010

Brewing a Brand New Sky

Welcome, 2010.

This is The Year of  Brewing the Brand New Sky. 
Will you brew one with me?

Peace walks its unfamiliar footsteps across the oak floors of the library inside me. How I have longed to walk with it. Together we throw opened the stained glass windows of my mind, freshly washed from the inside out. Filtered light dances in colors at our toes and the giggling is easy.  My windows open out, touching the blueness floating by. I drink in the air with its scented herbal teas and jam and cream flavors. A spring picnic.
Will you taste the sky above your life?

Scattered tea stained pages collected from their drift down empty corridors are gathered in my hands. Softly held.  There are many things I should not forget, and the past speaks often with wise old lady words gathered over time and tribulation. I bind the pages in a leather book and place it on a middle shelf away from the window and my sky. The past is reading material for evenings by fireplaces when settled on marsh mellow couches within myself. Not for now, I think. Though later I change my mind and let even these words and thoughts become apart of brewing the Brand New Sky.

The kettle within my mind begins to boil, puffy steam rises. Some thoughts are thick, others whispy. And all filled with good and honest things that float out as clouds in the blueness. Holding the kettle out the window against the back drop of sky I begin to imagine cloud shapes, just like a child.  
Silly whimsical creatures fill the sky.
Oh, joy.
Could this happiness be mine?

As the steam whips away on breezes I pull the kettle inside the window and refill it with the water of my thoughts. This time I begin to plan out the clouds. What do I really want to see brewed in my sky this year? Then I laugh at myself.
Plan out the clouds?
Really Tab?
And waves can be pinned on sand too I suppose?
Again, I laugh. Kind laughter. A friend's voice within me. My own voice. And how strange it is to hear it.

This time, when my thoughts fill the kettle and I hold it to the sky, I remember to keep looking with a child's eyes. Wonder. Enchantment. A place where cloud shapes are elephants holding umbrellas and trees dancing with my little sister.

Again and again I fill the kettle. Again and again my new thoughts brew. How the sky drinks me in, holding my thinking in the cup of its opened hand. An awaked lover wanting my touch.

This year it is my resolution to brew that sky with gentle things. To pour a cup of tea in the afternoon shade and share with myself who I am and what I desire. To find the natural rhythm within and let whatever comes, the pain, the sadness, the new joy, maybe even the past with wise old lady words, fill the kettle of my thoughts and Brew a Brand New Sky.
Not always blue perhaps.
But this sky will be mine.
Filled with sweet discoveries of myself.
Even if imperfect. Especially if imperfect.
Even if unplanned. Especially if unplanned.
I want to accept myself and fill that sky with New Thinking that doesn't deny me the beauty within.

What about you?
This is The Year of Brewing the Brand New Sky.
Will you Brew one with me?


  1. Yes, I will gladly brew one with you. ♥

    Oh Tabitha it is sooo good to see you back! Once again, your magical words fill me with inner-peace and hope. Welcome back, lovely. :)

    (Ps, let me stress, this is Tira from Runaway Moments, just so you know. Obviously I am not Tira from Runaway Moments anymore, but same difference.)

  2. Oh Tab, I've so missed reading your writing :D Beautiful, as always!

    Personally, I'm brewing all kinds of things and I would love to brew along with you :)

    Happy New Year my friend!

  3. Thank Tia. Yes, I have been over to your new blog. Lovely! But no way to follow or leave a comment just yet?

    Wendy- thanks for visiting again. :) Brew along then! I can't wait to see how your year unfolds. I am very excited about certain things you have brewing at the moment :)

  4. Oh my, I ADORE this idea, and especially the analogy of a kettle, haha. (As a tea-drinker, I'm slightly biased!)

    And this is ever so beautiful. :)

    'To pour a cup of tea in the afternoon shade and share with myself who I am and what I desire.'


  5. WOW!
    Girl, get that memoir out and in someone's hands, esp. if the writing is like this! Gorgeous. I love the idea of brewing a sky. LOL What a cool image/idea this post provoked!

    I hope you're settling into your new place okay. :-)

  6. Love it!! beautifully written - I'm a brewing girl love a cuppa! Hope your year is amazing.

  7. Thank you Sarah. I can see you with the cup of tea in the afternoon shade. :)

    Jess, thanks you, are too sweet. The memoir is due for it third rewrite. I have plenty of ideas for things I want to change. I have grown so much as a writer since I stated the book that it morphs with me. Thanks for your vote of confidence.

  8. Michelle, thank you. Glad to see there are fellow cuppa drinkers out there :)

  9. Your words hold beauty! Awesome post! I hope to brew serenity and contentment in my sky this year. To enjoy the journey is something I strive for.

  10. I missed your posts!!! Yes, I will brew one with you. I'm right there, girl. :)

  11. There is a button at the top left of the page that says "Follow". But if you can't find it, let me know.

    There is no comment function yet... I seem to prefer the silence... but I will enable them soon. x

  12. Welcome back. I'm turing on the kettle.

  13. Welcome back, Tab! Hope you're happily settled into your new home and that now you'll have more time and energy to Brew the Sky!

  14. OK you've inspired me! Um, have I told you lately how I love your writing? I sure hope you have an agent reading this blog. Exceptional. (except of course you make me look like a real slacker ;)

  15. I'd love to join you, Tabitha. In fact I am in a strange way, too. Much new in my life as well. May I remember to take the still small moments to learn about myself and grow, too!!

  16. Beautiful thoughts and words over here :D

    New promise, opportunity, hope...

    these are wonderful, encouraging things.

  17. I'm brewing as we speak! Beautifully written.

  18. So beautiful! I have missed you, my friend! Now you have me dreaming of beautiful days... Thank you!

  19. Missed you missed you missed you - so glad you're back. How's the new home? You sound wonderful, so it must have been a good move all around. Would love to "brew the sky" with you. What a wonderful image. Looking forward to many cups of tea.

  20. "Again and again I fill the kettle. Again and again my new thoughts brew."

    I like the sense of patience that comes with this post. Very nice.

    I'll brew with you.

  21. I love this, "I drink in the air with its scented herbal teas and jam and cream flavors. A spring picnic.
    Will you taste the sky above your life?"

    I'm in!

  22. I love your writing. Please let me brew too!

  23. Tabitha, you paint a sky like a master! What a beautiful invitation. I would love to brew the skies!

    Keep writing friend, you must.

  24. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    Welcome back Tab! I've missed you. I hope the move went well.

  25. I could go with a little accepting of myself. That's my biggest challenge some times. You definitely have a beautiful way with words.

  26. Put the kettle on, I'm coming over. ;)
    Such imagery you evoke--planning out clouds and pinning waves on sand! As if. Here's to the unplanned and welcomed.

  27. Love the image and the words to go with it. Welcome back!

  28. It's such a gift to be reading your words again. This is one of my favorite metaphors ever. I love the lyrical playfulness and gentleness of it, as well as the acceptance of all that is. I'm excited to be sky-brewing partners with you this year.

  29. I will absolutely brew one with you! That post was so delicious (for lack of a better word). And I don't even drink coffee! But WELCOME BACK, Tabitha. I've missed you! :)

  30. So good to be soothed by your ethereal steam, Tabitha! A unique blend of spices and herbs and green tea, I'm sure of it.

    Pour me a cup. With your blend, I don't even need sugar and cream!


  31. Oh-my sky is so dark today...

  32. so very beautiful. I loved the part about laughing in your head and not being surprised at the sound. I feel the same way lately.

  33. Mmm, love it! Anything that starts out with a tea kettle can't be bad, can it? I think this is just a lovely post and i enjoyed reading it! I look forward to dropping by all year to see what clouds are here on any given day. ;-)

  34. Beautiful. To see the world through a child's eyes is the sweetest contentment. Pour me a cup of tea! I saw a cloud that looked exactly like England the other day and heard that inner laugh. I'd been feeling glum about the end of my holiday, but the laugh hung around and there may well be a brand new sky for me this year.

  35. Beautifully written. I like this: "I remember to keep looking with a child's eyes." My kids hug my legs and stand on my feet, helping me see life through their eyes. And I embrace it.

  36. Thank you all. Enjoy the New Skies this year hey. :)

  37. I'll brew with you Tab, this is a new year and I am looking at a whole new world...L0L you truly have been best with putting words to paper..

  38. Beautiful. I love the imagry and the phrase "Brewing a Brand New Sky". Lord knows I need a new sky.

    Thank you for this, Tabitha :)

  39. I am right beside you. Can you feel me holding your hand across the miles? Yes this is definitely a year for brewing new ventures. Wonderful illustration.