Monday, January 18, 2010

Are you Cute Today?

[above photo is of Cyrus, my 2  year old] 

Me: Cy, are you cute today?
Cy: No, not today Mommy.
Me: Not today? Are you sure?
Cy: Yeah.
Me: Well, when will you be cute?
Cy: Ummm... (head on side and really thinking) I be cute tomorrow, okay?
Me:  Tomorrow? Not today then?
Cy: No. Mommy, I said I be cute tomorrow!
Me: Okay. You can be cute tomorrow.
Cy: No. I wanna be cute on... (thinking again)... Friday.
Me: Friday? So, not tomorrow? You'll be cute on Friday.
Cy: Yeah. Okay, Mummy? I be cute on Friday.

Yeah. Okay. Except that is a pretty damn cute conversation to be having with me today, don't you think? 

What about you? Got kids? What cuteness are they brightening your day with? 
Please, do share :) 
Do you tuck those conversations/moments away somewhere to slip into your writing one day?


  1. Oh my gosh, kids are so adorable! Mine have so many things that I forget to write down, every single day.
    I'll never forget when my oldest was two. He saw himslf in the mirror and said, "I cute."
    Cracked me up!

  2. He looks cute to me in that picture! Sounds like he's cute every day.

  3. So adorable!! I remember when my oldest would combine words of her own and make new ones.. lasterday was the most common (combining last night and yesterday) make sure to write these things down because they are so easy to forget!

  4. Oh, that's adorable, Tab!! I try to keep a record of the cute things my kids say, kind of like a treasure chest of sayings. Then when we all need a pick-me-up I pull it out the journal and read a few things. Gets us laughing!

  5. Tabitha, that's so adorable. My kids are way too old for that, and I guess I haven't banked those memories to recall at a whim. I do know that on occasion something will spark a clear memory of something long ago with my little ones. Wish that came more often!

  6. Sigh. My kids have "flown the coop," but I made my 21-year-old guffaw yesterday when I donned one of his Vikings jersey. He even let me premiere on Facebook in the photo we took!

    Blessings for a fun reminder of "the good days." And they were good.

    Love your blog!

  7. OK, he just made my day with all his cuteness! I used to write every little cute thing my kids said. I need to do that again. I never remember them later. What a great reminder to jot down those precious verses. Have a great day Tab!

  8. Ha! Yes, very cute. My three yr old daughter has taken to yelling the status of traffic lights at me.

    "Green means go! Red means stop!"

    "Thank you, honey."

    "You're welcome, Daddy."

    Chuckles and eye rolling ensues.

  9. My son is 24, and girls have been finding him pretty darn cute since middle school, lol. But, to me, the cutest thing about him is that he will let me say "I love you" to him, and he says it back. :-)

  10. No kids! One nephew, two years old. He is unbelievably cute every minute of the day. Especially when he's crying and his face is all scrunched up. Love love love. ♥ Ah Tabitha, you do bring out the soft side in us all.

  11. That's so funny. My husband asked my daughter if he could tell her that she looked beautiful today. She said "no" but quickly changed her mind. Kids are awesome.

  12. Love this, because it reminds me of what I still ask my daughter regularly: "Has anyone told you that you are cute today?" At sixteen, I still get a smile.

  13. My boys are 21 and 22, so not much cuteness comes my way, but Sunday my 21 year old came up behind me, put his arms around me and laid his cheek agains mine. "Love you momma". I melt.

  14. Hi Tabitha,
    Just wanted you to know there's a surprise for you on my blog tomorrow.

  15. He he... My son (7) is really too cute... but seems just a three year old... So sweeeet!

  16. That boy is the very essence of cute! Love this conversation!

  17. How cute is he!? The good thing is, my mom tells me that kids never stop being cute. I'm 24 and my brothers are 20 and 18, but she still thinks we're the cutest things ever :)

  18. That is the sweetest! I tuck those stories into my journal to savor forever.

  19. That's gorgeous.
    My little ones can't string words together yet, but it still seems cute to me just to be able to hear that little voice proudly saying 'baaath' and 'duck' when I pop my boy in the bath at night.

  20. SO cute. You know, my 4-year-old is considerably LESS cute these days. This morning he asked me, "Mom, I'd be in really big trouble if I peed on you, right?"


  21. Hi Tabitha-
    Thank you for such a lovely comment on my blog and offering to be a reader for my memoir. I might just take you up on that :-) I so appreciate the offer. I feel mighty special!
    As you know, I don't have children, but I do tuck away and slip into my writings conversations I have with my nieces and nephews. They often are the places I find the most inspiration. They are curious, lovable creatures who add light to my life in ways I never expected. Definitely one of the benefits of being a grown-up!

  22. My cute daughters have turned into beautiful women. I'm so proud of who they become, but I'll always cherish the cute memories I have of when they were younger. Now I have one really cute granddaughter who is 16 months old. Right now she is starting to get close to talking, but she understands much of what we say to her. She will respond by nodding or shaking her head, doing the action, or responding in nearly intelligible words -- she's so darn cute my wife and I can hardly stop thinking about her.

  23. That's a precious little boy. :-)

    My daughter is almost past the cute stage, at a precocious almost seven years of age. She's more intriguing and funny. I just love the strange, fresh things children say because they haven't yet learned not to ask questions.

  24. Thanks all for the comments. Yes, he is cute. Most days he is very cute :)

    LOL Lisa and Laura about your son's question. That made me laugh out loud!

    Simon, I love your back seat driver! Nice. Now you will never have an excuse for running a red light :)

  25. Love it!

    I absolutely tuck all those moments away. They're far too precious to discard!

    My youngest (4) has the best facial inflections. And it doesn't matter what she says, she melts my heart.

  26. That is absolutely precious. He is a cutie today, whether he wants to be or not :)


  27. He's cute today, even if he thinks he isn't. ;) Kids are awesome, aren't they?

    I have something for you at my blog. :)

  28. I was cute today, I think... :)

    Not as cute as Cycy though.

  29. I keep pretty good notes on all the many crazy cute nuts things my kids say, all 4 of them. I keep a "mother's journal" for each child, which I will gift to them when they each come of age.