Thursday, December 3, 2009

When a Tiara Falls

The tiara fell from the head of a little princess who was rocked by hands that bruised and never told her she was beautiful.

Thirty years later I found it.

Mashing around in the crud of my past my fingers brushed against the edges of words that I wanted to caress me, but never heard in childhood and had little idea how to wrap around me now.

Yet there underneath my faded sense of worth lay the tiara, lost among all the diamond tears I have cried. Stained with rusted and dented, but still it was mine.

Today I put it on...

What about you? What have you lost? What have you found?


  1. I lost 3 very important things to me about 10 days ago but today they were returned. Best early xmas present anyone could give me.

  2. My goodness, Tabitha, you have such a beautiful way with words. So poetic, so deep. Reading your blogs is like skimming across the rays of the sun, warming my soul deep within! I love it!

  3. I'm sad for the child within.

  4. I think in some form or other, we all relate to that little girl. Beautiful, Tabitha!

  5. Lost: Clinging grip to self.
    Found: Desperate grasp on my Savior.

    Beautiful post, Tabitha.
    ~ Wendy

  6. Your writing is so beautiful. I always get emotional when you post things like this.

    I've lost a loved one and a bit of confidence recently. I'm finding peace and perseverance.

  7. I've my brother... I cannot still forgive life for it or even believe it's happened. I ve lost faith. and gained it agian as I look at my 7 year old boy...
    Great post dear Tabitha

  8. I think I'm finding humor in the cynicism.

    Lovely words as per usual!

  9. Love your writing. I agree with kristen, I can totally relate.

  10. Very beautiful image, Tabitha.

    I had lost my motivation for writing. Starting to blog has revived my passion.


  11. Your posts are always so beautiful, Tabitha. There is a lost little girl (or boy) in all of us. Even with parents, guardians, teachers who did their very best, we still can look deep within and see things that were either never given or lost somewhere along the way. Slowly but surely I'm finding them again.

    Happy Thursday,

  12. Tabitha, I think you will like this, if you haven't heard it before.

    If you listen through about 2 min. 30 sec, you will hear the important lyrics. The rest is just jamming, though it's still fun.

  13. I lost my naivety and trust, found unconditional love.
    The loss hurts horribly though. I'm sorry you lost your tiara. :-(
    I hope you know that you were always beautiful and lovely and a princess, even if you didn't know it.

  14. what a beautiful sentiment here...the tiara so symbolic, may it fit perfectly now in all its ware and tear, twirl away princess! :)

  15. Beautifully poetic. And something I think we all can relate to in one way or another.

  16. ....and how beautiful it looks on you too, a perfect fit!!

  17. wow, very is amazing how we are stripped by the people who are suppose to love our most...

    i lost the same thing but found it a few years ago...

    much love

  18. Tabitha, I am still a new follower here, but I want to tell you that I am so delighted I found you and your blog! You sure know how to evoke emotion and reflection.

    I have lost a love I believed in. I have found that I am still blessed with new joys every day.

  19. Tabitha, you made me choke up and almost cry tonight. There are things I no longer have, but I don't believe I've lost them. I willingly let them go and the pain that went with them.

    Straight From Hel

  20. Helen, sorry :) Glad you have let things go and feel that freedom.

    Fireblossom- I am looking for those new joys too. :) Glad you like the blog. Thanks for the comment.

    Stacey- thanks

    Matt- What can I say? You helped put it on my head. You are apart of the words I need to hear and the words I wrap around myself. Thanks for being the man I married :)

    Steph- thanks, oh and I like the chrissy pic of you.

    Kay- I try :)

    Deb- thanks

    Jess- me too. Thanks

    Ross- I'll check it out. Thank you.

  21. Shelley- I know I know! Thank God they are back. :) Hugs for you and them.

    Jenn- thank you. Really :)

    Lee- blogs are great for starting our inspiration. Glad you found yours.

    Patti, Suzanne, Dulce- thank you guys. Your words matter.

    Natalie- thank you

    Wendy- Ooh, I like that.

    Kristen- thanks. Yes, I am sure many people know how the sound of a tiara falling echoes in their life.

  22. Tabitha, you writing...and pictures...mesmerize me and fuel me for more WIP tomorrow morning. First China, then Fort Worth, Texas, in the 1960s.

    Thanks be to God that your tiara is firmly in place. We need more writers like you.

    Hmmm. What have I lost? A selfish life where I could work out everything, could control my destiny, could have everything my way if I manipulated enough.

    What have I found? That when I die and God resides within, He breathes miraculous Breath into me. There's truly a new way to be human.

    Thank you, Tabitha.

  23. The tiara fell - such beautiful words. My daughter's name is Tiara - I hope she never falls.
    Thanks for writing this beautiful piece.

  24. I can so relate to this, and love the tiara metaphor - a lot.

  25. A gift to find it again.

  26. Tabitha you really need to embrace your talent more fully and give yourself more credit as a gifted writer. Somewhere in the midst of having children I've lost myself, who I am and quite frankly don't know if I've ever really known myself. Though I have regained my love for poetry and writing, something which I only accepted as part of me a little more than a year ago. So I guess with loss comes gain and maybe just maybe my true self lives within the words which I write. So glad you have found your tiara :) Wear it proud my princess.

  27. Beautifully penned and to answer your question simply - my faith and I keep running into myself as I search.

  28. Sometimes life isn't fair and we lose the things we hope for most. But in time God has a way of returning it to us though it might not look the way we remembered. The love and kind words are now wrapped in other gifts such as husbands, children, and good friends. Love you Tab, and I pray that you find the healing that is overdue. big hugs! xo