Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Writing Here and There

There is over There.
Miles from where I am. Here is where I am.
Sitting. Wailing. Pulling out tuffs of grass.
Wondering if I will ever get There.

Because There is where the words come together.
Here is about irratiting things like stillness and balance.
Here is where words skid into sentences, sending dust flying and making me cough. Here is re-writing after the re-write. Head in hands. Then fingers hovering over keys.
Here is about reaching for some place I want to belong if only I could just... move.

There is where glorious paper realities live. My writing sticks its touge out at me. But it won't budge. It likes Here because this is where I am.

No one can work this hard and live here forever right? Like wind through trees. Leaves rustle. Moments. Pass.
Waves roll up on beaches. The moon draws the tide.
And I am going to find my legs.
One day I might be There.
Where I thought I'd die if I never arrived.
But then of course when I am There, then I am really again, Here again.
Because life is fluid. And the future is never home.
Here becomes home, every time you get There.

One day I hope we will go There together. My writing and I. We have dreams. Don't you? And when I knock on the door of There I will laugh and say, "Oh, so Here we are."
Magic. Hey presto. The joy of living in the now. The joy of finding joy half way up hills. Where ever your feet tread. Not easy... but I am taking in the surrounding landscape of Here.

After all There will always be There.

What about you? What do you do to enjoy Here while longing to be There?


  1. Hmm I enjoy being Here because I know that Here is the only way to get There. It is all part of the lovely writing process.

  2. Because going through here will make there so worth it.

  3. You such a way with words that stirs the spirit. Riding to pick up my toddler, I realized how happy I just to put words on paper. That is the best part of being here.

  4. I don't pay to much attention to There...I stay here. It is the one thing I've learned through the years. Going There makes one miserable.

    much love

  5. Here is all I truly have. There is an illusion. I've learned that because I've been HERE for so long now.

  6. Every day in the here feels closer to there. Every day is an improvement.

  7. I try to but it is sometimes easier than others. I want to be 'there' as well. Meaning flowing, brilliant, clever. Ah, there is such a lovely wish...

  8. I like it here, because here, I don't know how it turns out. I'm savoring the moment, knowing that the longing while you wait to be there, is far nicer than being there will be. Just like Christmas :)

  9. Sometimes I do forget to enjoy the moment, since I'm always reaching for the next goal. Thanks for the reminder.

    Morgan Mandel

  10. I honestly enjoy the trying to get 'there' part of being 'here'. Part of the joy of getting 'there' is the satisfaction of knowing I worked hard to find my way.

  11. Writing is hard. No doubt about it. Such a long slog before it really comes alive.

    Except for those annoying ones seemingly born to it. Grrrr.

  12. I'm not really sure there is a there. Here is all we have and all we know for sure. When I want to be somewhere other than where I am, I'm usually off kilter somehow. Accepting where I am, even if I'm not happy about it, sometimes shifts the energy.

  13. I agree with Tamika! Writing is the here. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting to the here. :-)

  14. Beautiful! Yes, I do enjoy here. Not every minute, though!

  15. This is great. The older I get the more I appreciate Here and Now because There looks murkier and murkier every year.

  16. My here and there, in writing particularly, deals with the longing to write something beyond my poetry...prose. Not that I prefer prose; it is just what I have not yet done.

    I enjoy here while longing to be there through my editing business and continued poetry endeavors. I read and edit others who are doing what I want to do (hence Penny For My Thoughts), and, honestly, it inspires me to get off my butt!

  17. Really trying to be neither here nor there, but now. This moment is the only one we are guaranteed. Sad when I waste it looking over my shoulder, or nose pressed to the glass of your window.