Monday, November 16, 2009

What if you dream of faded lace?

I have a confession.
I dream of faded lace and tea stained afternoons.
All things lavender scented and vintage whisper my name...

Lace covered coffee tables, Old English poets, floor to ceiling libraries filled with leather bound books from another era, fireplaces with carved oak mantles, powder white iron tables set beneath weeping willows, afternoon teas complete with neat little triangle sandwiches and cupcakes clothed in pastel icing, and bud shaped tea cups.... all make me sigh with wanting.

I know that was a very long confession. But truthfully, it should have been longer. I didn't even get to mention brown paper packages or Sound of Music type rain drops that fall on eyelashes. Nor did I squeeze in tree lined avenues or horse drawn carts, the likes of which Ann of Green Gables would have appreciated. Ah well...

But you get the picture. Though my house is bares the mark of my designer husband and my own distinct taste for red leather dining room chairs standing astute around our massive solid wood table, I am still easily wooed by lace and moonlight, thinning pages of ancient books and a time and era which I was not born to, but none the less romanticize in my mind.

I long to gaze out picture book windows and wile away cobalt blue days looking through antique stores. I am a dreamer of old.

Sepia tones inspire me. What can I say?

So it was with great pleasure that I stumbled across Sarah's blog The TeaStained Page.
Now I warn you, this girl's writing is beyond her years and full of enough lyrical magic and beauty to make you want to cry. Especially when you find out how old she is. But I suggest you join her blog so you can say you knew her before she was rolling around in six figure book deals.
Sarah, I hope you pursue writing with all the passion your words display. I pass on this award

given to me by Jill, to you Sarah. Enjoy girl, and continue to inspire us with your imagery.
Go check her out people :)

What about you? What inspires you? Feel free to shout out some blogs in the comments section that inspire you as well.


  1. Tabitha Bird,
    Thankyou, thankyou, wrap me in your warm welcoming gentle words!

    All of a sudden i feel so lucky to be surrounded by creative, inspiring and generous human beings.
    i love this world of yours-the way you offer it to us.

    i'm very grateful
    May the light, love and laughter pour everywhere around you!

    i sure have a lot to read in here...i will come again, and again like a child for more and more!!!


  2. I'm totally inspired by faded lace too! Since I write historicals, I love visiting museums and old places, and stepping back in time.

  3. I will definitely check her out! I'm not inspired by faded lace... but that library you described? Woot!!! I'm SO there. :-)

  4. I know a bit of what it feels like to be out of joint with the current times.

  5. Very nice way to honor another blog. Now I must check it out.

  6. Thanks for the link! I just had a tea party with my DD yesterday and it was full of old lace, white gloves and tea stains ;)

  7. Very cool link! And 14...too cool. I enjoyed reading how poetically you described what inspires you. Nature. Anything in nature inspires me. Anne Lang Bundy's blog always sets my mind on deeper things as well.
    ~ Wendy

  8. YOU inspire me!

    Want to come over? I have some current wine.....

  9. I guess sometimes I like weird, wackiness with a dose of intellect. I admire Stephen T McCarthy's stuff at
    He also has another blog that I regularly check out. Stephen is the one who first directed me to blogging so I gotta give kudos to him. So please check him out-- he may take some time to get used to, but I think his writing his entertaining and sometimes more information than my brain can stand.
    As for me, I get inspired by the Bible and newspapers.

  10. Wow, I'm going to have to check her out. She sounds magical.

    Nature inspires me. She's the muse I dream of the most.

    Have a great day, Tabitha!

  11. I popped over and peeked through her windows *sigh* how is it that 14year olds know more than I? I am liking her words but I am also liking yours.I come in here on dark miserable days and as I enter, I always feel a warmth.
    As for your question.....just about everything and anything.From a broken leaf found to a wound tightly bound.

  12. I'm definitely inspired by anything lavender scented, too, and lately rose and lilacs scents. Sunshine has a way of inspiring me, especially in the morning when it stretches through the blinds and beckons. I'm going to check out that blog you suggested. Thanks!

  13. We share some of the same passions for the trappings of history. If I had an unlimited decorating budget (ha!) my house would be full of antiques and lace. The house itself would also be one hundred and fifty years old. And those old houses are serious money pits! :-)

  14. I share your list, Tabitha. We have a tearoom here in Albuquerque that is decorated just as you describe and I love going there with girlfriends and spending two hours lost in that world and that time and that place.

  15. I am inspired by settings especially mountains, cabins, old mines and even very old graveyards. Museums will also do the trick. Great post!

  16. This was beautiful. I am also attracted to old-fashioned things and bygone eras :) I am inspired by old fire-lit libraries with wing chairs you can sink into and quiet museums on a rainy afternoon.

  17. Aww, Tabitha, thank you so much! Words cannot express how grateful I feel; it is such an honour to be recognised by a writer that I look up to so much, and aspire to be like. :)

    It means more to me than anything, a thousand time machines back to the Victorian times could not replace it. It is just so lovely to be recognised.

    Thank you, thank you, thankyou! :)

    much love,

    p.s. and that psalm is absolutely beautiful, one of my favourites. :) xxx

  18. I love family history. I get lots of ideas reading it. I too have a penchant for old things.

  19. Talented writers who take time out to help others inspire me. Sarah's blog is lovely!

  20. Tea, crumpets, faded lace--oh, yes. I love them all.

  21. wow what an amazing young woman. Will be following her as well. All these talented writers.
    I'm a old fashioned girl at heat. Love lace and tea cups, good old fashioned fun.

  22. Hey Shelley. thanks for visiting the blog again. I know life is so busy :) and yeah, I think you would enjoy following her.

    Jill, thanks for the award Jill, this was super fun to pass on.

    Liza- yes, I agree. I have a couple of those working with me.

    Patti- I agree. Family history grounds us hey.

  23. Sarah- my absolute pleasure! Enjoy!

    Julie- ooh, I love the thought of quiet museums on a rainy afternoon :)

    Susan, yes, me too.

    Ava- ooh lovely additions to the list.

    Karen, sounds very girlfriend friendly :)

    Ross, yes, I would like an unlimited decorating budget too. I have a feeling though that my house would be old filled with modern and a touch of antique.

    Cindy- sunshine- absolutely!

    SarahA- fourteen... yes, I know, I KNOW! How can this be so?! She is a beautiful writer for one so young:)
    Thanks for your comments about my blog :) I feel the same about yours.

    Kristen- I hope you enjoy her blog.

    Arlee- I will check him out. thanks for the link.

    Suzanne, Thank you. That made me smile BIG. And yes! Fill up my glass I am on my way! :)

    Wendy- I know- sooo young! Not fair hey :)

    T.Anne- Sounds divine!

    Mary, please do. :)

    Jason- :))

    Jessica- I know- books floor to ceiling! I am so there!

    Jody- yes, of course! I forgot you wrote historicals :)

    Craftsman of light, oh wow. Thank you so much for visiting and I am so glad you enjoyed the reading :)) Thank you so much for your uplifting comments :))

  24. Your blog inspires me (and I'm not just saying that to suck up ;). Movies are also a huge source of inspiration to me. And most recently, I discovered that pictures really are worth a thousand words.

    I'm off to check out Sarah's blog!

  25. Tabitha, thank you for opening up a piece of your soul to us. I am inspired by so many things. Books, people, music, films, artwork, beauty, obscurity, absurdity. And so on.


  26. My dear Tabitha, I have left you an award on my blog. x

  27. How wonderful, Tabitha! And what beautiful words to honor another blogger with.

  28. There is nothing more comforting than feeling at him in another "time" that is not of this world...I love that feeling. It's like I'm being reminded of a missing piece of me...another life.

    much love

  29. This post reminded me of England and France combined. If only... in my mind... and your lovely words took me there! xo

  30. You write beautifully.

    Kids inspire me. And other books, writers, rainy days, music--all sorts of things.

  31. I share your love of sepia, lace, tea, and willow trees. Much more, it appears. Tree lined streets...

  32. What inspires me? Sunlight, warmth in a still home, tea, anxiety, fear, my children, my unwritten stories.

  33. sometime quite casual things inspire a lot a creative mind.....just like urs
    very nicely written...

  34. I stopped by her blog and admittedly was surprised by age. I don't remember writing like that at 14 and seriously, kids today, well not many of them do either. She is gifted with a vision and archaic hand. What a beautiful dedication. The intro paragraph is elegantly crafted. I too dream of these things, glad I have a partna :)

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  36. Sharla- I know. She is so young and yes what you said about her writing is spot on. I don't remember writing with her maturity either. *sigh*

    Heavenly Muse- casual and simple are often the most inspiring.

    ajallion- thanks for stopping by. I love your list.

    Midlife jobhunter- :))

    Dawn- thank you. Kids inspire me too.

    Thanks heather.

    Tira- thank you :))

    Ellie- england and France- love that! they would have to be top on my fav list of places.

    staceyj- me too!

    Sarah- I would never think you were sucking up :) And thank you. Really. It means a lot.

  37. I love tea staining muslin for stuffed animals, and to put a pretty lace dress on her would be amazing.

    Sepia pics are awesome too!!

  38. This is delicious! We have the same dreams. Identical. I dream of old. Old soul, so I've been told.

    Keep dreaming, my friend! And I'm off to check out Sarah's blog now.