Friday, November 20, 2009

The Smile Bearer

"What is it?"
"A Clown."
"No. I can see it is a clown. I mean..." I searched my brain, what did I mean? He took me by surprise, this seventeen year old boy. Who gives their girlfriend a miniature clown? Roses, now I knew what to do with roses. But clowns?
"Don't you like it?"
"Oh, well... yeah, it's cute... Why are you giving me a clown?"
He shrugged his shoulders. "It made me smile. I guess I thought you could use a smile."
Perfect. The clown was perfect.

That was the first of many smiles that boy found to give me.

One Christmas he bought me a Chihuahua. He hated Chihuahuas. But my first fury was very sick and he wanted me to have another little friend with soft ears to cry on when she passed away.
The pup was perfect.

One birthday he bought me a thesaurus and wrote in it, " I hope this helps your words to be seen by the world one day." He'd seen me pace and cry over words. I guess he'd also noticed me stroking dictionaries and the like in bookstores. More importantly, he knew I had a dream. I hadn't even admitted that to myself.
The thesaurus was perfect.

Then one May he bought me a ring.
Eleven years later two little boys ask to look at that pretty rock. My eldest wants to hear the stories. "Tell me about the clown again Mommy."

I have a few smile bearers now.
But he was the first.
I will forever be grateful.

What about you? Who or what brings you a smile?


  1. What a sweet post, Tabitha! I can see how that special someone makes you smile!

  2. Oh, definitely my husband and 4 kids and now, new daughter-in-law! The bring me smiles all the time! What a great post!!!!

  3. Hubby and son bring me smiles. Bubba, my dog, brings me smiles too. And making crappy work shine makes me smile. Writing a rough draft DOES NOT make me smile. IT makes me want to rip out my hair because it's so...BLECK!

    Love this post. Love your writing.

    Hey, have you ever read HAvah, by Tosca Lee? I just finished. It's absolutely beautiful. I think you would love it. She uses words so beautifully! The story is still in my head, even three days after finishing. I don't think it will leave anytiem soon!

  4. Over the years, my husband has purchased faux ceremic creatures and placed them strategically back in our woods, waiting for me to encounter them. Sometimes it takes months, and then I'll be wandering in the back garden and behind a rock I'll find say, three frogs playing trumpets, and I'll smile.

  5. You're wonderful Tab, that's about all I can say about that :)

  6. I love when you share about your dating years with hubby. So much love in there.

    My hubby makes me smile, and my girls, and my animals, and the flowers in my garden,... The list could go on and on. No clowns in my smiling story, though. LOL

  7. My hubby, my son, my dog, my friends, singing at retirement communities, having a good day writing, just to name a few. Lovely post, Tabitha. Hubby sounds delightful.

  8. What an absolutely sweet guy you have! I love that he "gets" you! That's the best, isn't it?

  9. Oh my goodness, that's so sweet!!!
    My kids make me smile. :-)

  10. Now, that's a reason to love a clown! :0)

    My poodle makes me smile. And my friends. I love them so much.

  11. How sweet! Here's to wonderful husbands! My husband and kids make me smile.

  12. This is so sweet! It made me smile to hear how he's made you smile :) Wonderful post.

  13. You made me swoon. I heart you for that. Love your writing. I feel like I'm opening a good book each time I click on your blog. XOXO

  14. What a beautiful story. I love the idea of you stroking dictionaries. I thought I was the only one who did that.

  15. What a sweet story!

    My son's smile makes me smile. And remembering the first time he put his hand against my chest and said, "Mama" as if claiming me.

    And my hubby makes me laugh more than anyone I know, usually through the little everyday things that he points out the humor in.

  16. You have such a touch with words. I loved this.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. This is a beautiful post, dedicated to what i consider as wink from our flowering soul.

    There is some much to say....but, will a smile, one sweet smile to answer your sweet smile do??

    i savour the warmth and glow of the emotions you procure me.....
    i hug you very strongly, full of deep love and affection, for being my lamp, a beautiful lamp!

    Merci beaucoup, du fond de mon coeur!
    thankyou Tabitha from the depth of my heart!


  18. I think you probably made us all fall in love with that 17-year-old boy. How thoughtful and caring he was at a young age. Thank you for posting a most beautiful story about two beautiful people. It's a treat to visit here.

  19. Thank you Kay.

    Tricia- he was easy to fall in love with for sure.

    COL- love your french words! Have I mentioned that french is one of my little passions? I have been learning the language for a little while. Which doesn't men aI am good at it. Only that I love it.

    Jill- thank you.

    Karen- I love that you have a husband who finds the humor in the everyday. Me too :)

    Deb- I still stroke dictionaries :)

    T.Anne- And one day I actually hope to have a good book written! Thank you. You comments always matter :)

    Thanks Julie

    Natalie- Here here. I'll toast to that!

    Kristen- yes and he was the biggest clown of all.

    Jess- mine too :)

    Jody- I agree. I love to be 'got' Don't we all?!

    Karen W- he is :)

    Wendy :))

  20. Eileen- thank you. They are some of my fav memories.

    Liza- Ooh I loooooove that! How sweet.

    Katie- Thank you! Rough drafts? No love for them? I love rough drafts. It is the edits I hate!!! Thanks for the book suggestion. I will have to get that one then :)

    Thanks Heather and Sherrinda. Smile bearers rock the known world! :)

  21. Oh, I love the clown gift. How sweet!

  22. My son always brings a smile to my famous and humor, when the gentle giant pokes fun at a situation that we had both taken seriously moments before...

    much love

  23. Hi there, Tabitha. I've seen your little butterfly around blogland often, but this is the first time I've visited. I like your place. :)

    This was a beautiful post.

  24. Another beautiful post.

    My husband and my kids make me smile. The smiles start in my heart and end on my lips. :)

  25. That was so very perfect . . stroking dictionaries . . I can see you now . .

    Such lovely things, memories and how lucky those two little boys are to have you bring such magic and joy to their growing minds.


  26. Love your story, and all things that make me smile. Your post just gave me a smile :) Thanks!

  27. Love, loved this blog post. My children make me smile, and have since I birthed them 21 and 23 years ago.

    Also, my best friend, the Irishwoman whose story was captured in my first novel.

    I LOVE this blog and hope you will visit my new one at

    Through My Eyes...and that image...killer good.

  28. Tab, this was so sweet! I could just imagine the two of you, the smiles and the clown. Perfect love! I find myself thinking of my soulmate and how much he makes me smile. Guess I was blessed, much like you! xo

  29. Actually, this post made me smile. My husband and three children make me smile several times every date.

  30. Me too! I'm with all the smiling readers. Great post. I have lots of people in my life that make me smile for different reasons. I'm lucky to have every one of them.