Monday, October 19, 2009

Destination: Road Ahead

A few years back Miserable became overpopulated. Cramped. Hovel like. A Third World hell. My Self lodged an application to move. Heart granted visa immediately. Head withheld my application pending an interview.
"Look, " Head told me, "We've always lived in Miserable. What right do you think we have to up and move to Happy?"
I staggered. I could tell he'd been chatting with Guilt. Just the sort of thing he'd ask.
"I'd just like to go is all... this place is a sodden dump. Look at all my tears. "

"Fine. Fill this in Miss Too-Good-for-Miserable, and we'll see..."

Head handed me a departure card. The list was exhaustive.

What are your plans for travelling to Happy? Approximate length of stay? Do you have enough fiances to support yourself in Happy? Do you have friends or family already living in Happy and able to support your application for status in the country? Will you require a work visa for Happy or a tourist visa only? How much money are you bringing into Happy? Any goods to declare? Baggage that needs to be claimed? Will you be travelling alone? Dependents? Immunized against depression ... and on and on and on...

"Does Happy need to know all this?" I felt sick.
Head sneered...

I went home and called my husband, Matt. He already lives in Happy. "Shred the questions. Burn the paper. I'm waiting for you."

So, I'm writing to you from The Road Ahead. A postcard from Future.
Head protests. Let him, I say!

Heart and I bought milkshakes at a road stop in Fun. And we blew bubbles. And threw some of our caution to the wind. It was weighing us down. You must see Fun. Do stop by if you come this way.

And pass through Hope. Repeatedly, if necessary. Beautiful place...

Heart sometimes likes to ask me, "are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet..."
I have no map, so I can't answer. I'll know it when I see it though.
We play eye-spy to pass the time. Notice the surroundings. And breathe. We do lots of deep breathing. Song singing in the darkness helps too. And Matt often comes to sit beside us when we run off the side of the road. He knows where we are at, and he can get back to Happy all by himself. Good thing too. I don't feel responsible for his travels.

Head checked in with me today.
"Where the hell are we? This doesn't look like any place I know..."

I know.
God, I know...

So, pot holes and flat tyres not withstanding, Heart thinks we are pretty damn close.
Happy, here we come.
Destination: Road Ahead.

What about you? Any fun to report from your Road Ahead? Or perhaps you just need someone to sit beside you in the ditch for awhile. I hope you find that person and I hope that person finds you. Hugs all. Sometimes Road Ahead is full of pot holes... I'm on the look out for Road Stops with milkshakes and friendships. (And thank God for my Matt :)

Wish you all Happy writing this week.


  1. I'm serious about reading your memoir. I totally spaced it and forgot to email you.

    What is it about your writing that moves me to tears every time? Seriously.

  2. Thanks Katie. Love your five words by the way. I'll see what i can do with them. I love a challenge. I love words. something good has to come of that, right?

    I'll email you about the memoir. Thank you. It's not quite ready for eyes yet... but soon :)

  3. I'm with Katie, every post draws me deeper and deeper! Watch out world!

    I am currently residing in Happy. It's beautiful green, lush place. Full of laughter and smiles. The journey was long but worth every pothole. I packed every stitch of clothing- I'm here to stay. Until I get my first rejection that is...

    Great post, thanks for the reminder that happiness is a choice, a decision not based on how I feel but the ability to see past my current circumstances.

    Happy writing!

  4. Hey, Tabitha. You are such a beautiful wordsmith. Your voice is so distinctive... lyrical. I really enjoyed this post!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. My Colin lives in happy too, perhaps your Matt knows him:) I live in happy most of the time but I'm moving in bit by bit and if I work real hard I should be totally there by the end of November, that's how it is with me right now!!!

  6. I hope you're making it to Happy! I think that we have moments of happy, perhaps days, weeks. But sorrow and pain are also apart of the road of life, and without them I don't believe we can grow stronger and richer as human beings. So as hard as it is, I don't think we should always leave our sorrows behind, but work through them and let them shape us into stronger, better people! In the end, the process of suffering can make us all the happier!

  7. Your posts are gorgeous, Tabitha. I wish I had a fraction of your talent! I live in Happy most of the time, but lately I've spent a lot of time in Impatient :)

  8. I'm so glad I popped over here. This is a wonderful piece!

    Sounds like Matt was born in Wisdom.

  9. Another great post! I think I live in Happy, but I take frequent trips to Miserable. I really don't like it there, but sometimes Head drags me there.

  10. I love this allegory! Really made me smile and think.

    Dang that Head. We do need it, but it would be so nice if it wandered from our shoulders once in a while and the rest of us could take a vacation.

  11. I'd love to be a friend in Milkshake or in Ditch. I find the Milkshake friends are plentiful, the Ditches much less populated.

  12. I LOVE how you write, and how you put this life's journey. It's so beautiful.

    I think I live in Happy, but even in Happy there are dark valleys. Sometimes I go on a trip and get lost but God always brings me back to my happy little house and my happy little kids and my happy hubby. :-)

    I hope someone picks up your memoir Tabitha. Lovely writing.

  13. I love this! Very upbeat and inspiring. I like to think I live in Happy but every now and then I take a wrong turn and have to find my way back to the main road.

  14. What a wonderful post. It's put a smile on my face.

    Straight From Hel

  15. I love this! My favorite part is that you're husband was "waiting for you" in Happy. Love it!

  16. I'm so glad you have a hubby who lives in Happy. I do, too. I've learned to travel with him most of the time. But it took me a long time to get to Happy. And like Jody said, I'm not always there. Life isn't all in Happy. But that's okay. It's what makes it life.
    As always, such beautiful writing, tabitha.

  17. There's happy, and there's happiness. I see too many people chasing happy, when you are living the life you are supposed to be living, happiness lights on your shoulder like a butterfly. (I didn't make that up, I read it somewhere a long time ago and never forgot it.)

  18. What a lovely allegory. It had me smiling the whole way, and maybe wincing a bit, too, as the truths scraped my shins. Here's to living in the land of Happy.

  19. Oh Tabitha, that was such a refreshing read. What a lovely examination of the head vs the heart. I think we can all relate to this; I certainly know I can. Bless you. :)

  20. My Happy would include productivety in the writing area of my life. I'm getting there! :)

  21. I wanna find my Matt! What a great story. And mmmm milkshakes. Sounds like my kind of road trip. ;)

  22. thank you everyone for your comments.

    Karen, I hope you do find your Matt.

    Eileen- all the best

    Deb- yes, here here.

    thank you Elizabeth and Karen.

    Wine and words. How true, wish I had thought of that.

  23. Your writing is simply amazing. I want to frame this and read it over and over again. I was spellbound.

  24. Oh, I'm feeling so comfortable in Miserable. And the Road Ahead seems so long and unpredictable ... I might just stay here for the rest of my life.
    And yes, you writing is always a pleasure to read.

  25. thank you T. Anne. Spell bound? I think I like that :)

    Lori- yes, oh god, yes, the road is long, but most roads going somewhere worthwhile are. Hugs to you along the journey of unpredictable. thank you for your comments.

  26. I like how you write. I like how the words you write portray how the reader (this reader) often feels.

  27. I really enjoyed this. The metaphors were incredible. I laughed, especially at "Head". (S)he can be stubborn, often hold us back from our happy place.