Monday, September 14, 2009

You Need...

A writer needs:

a comfy rear end

a good laugh
a good cry
a good shoulder to cry on

a good couple of pain killers 
a good couple of hours
a good couple of hours past the good pain killers

a good place to hide
a good place to run
a good place to return
a good return run from hiding

a good friend to call
a good book to read
a good friend with a good book she'll let you read

a good drop of wine
a good night sleep
a good sleep after a good whine

a good idea...
a good plan B
a good trash can for throwing out plans

and lastly..

a good swift kick in the procrastinating comfortable rear end
by a good friend who knows how to swift kick good.

You? What do you need?


  1. LOL! Well, how can I say it better than that! Sheesh. Every thought about writing cards? Very nice. I should print it and stick it on my wall!

  2. thanks Jess, Cards? No :) But I am lamenting ever finishing the edits on my memoir :) I must get to the end of chpt 8 by the end of tonight... I must get to....

  3. You forgot a working internet connection. Or for higher productivity, a broken internet connection.

    A decent quality printer with cheap ink cartridges. (We have an old Laserjet 5MP. Highly recommended.)

    Elbows of steel, considering how long a writer spends leaning on them. Me, anyway.

  4. That was great!!!! I would add chocolate to the list!

  5. Comfy rear, for sure! And coffee! Strong and dark!

  6. I second the chocolate and coffee. :) Great post!

  7. Wow, I think I need all of those, especially the good kick in the pants at times. I love this, I might just print and post on my bulletin board in my office!

  8. That's brilliant! So clever!

    Among many other things, I need a good quiet place alone, a good supply of water and good music. :)

  9. Ummmm just get out of my head, would you?

    Painkillers and Dead House Plants. That should be the title we give our book (narrative non fiction) of two writers on opposite ends of the world trying to overcome nasty childhoods in order to become publishing rock stars. What do you think?

    (PS, the first chapter can be a screen shot of the comments section and we can say, "It all started with a poem about procrastination....)

  10. I'm so impressed with your poetry! (And the picture is great) You've got skills.

    How about peace and quiet? Or is that not a need, just a want?

  11. Definitely the last one! And I'd add Coca-Cola to the list. :0)

  12. So, my fat butt is actually "a comfy place to sit"? Awesome! Bring on the cookies...

  13. Oh, I like "a good idea...a good plan B". Yeah, we definitely need that. Sometimes I need inspiration only a good movie, a beautiful view or a heartbreaking song can provide.

  14. That last one--that's what I need the most. Thanks!

  15. I need more of your posts! I love your writing. Your blog could be a book!

  16. I need all of the above. Quiet, chocolate, (I can't do caffeine), a comfy rear, and a swift kick in it. Thanks, Tab, this is so great.

  17. I love this! I need a good cup of coffee, swirling with cream each and every morning!

  18. This is halarious.

    My favorite:
    a good swift kick in the procrastinating comfortable rear end
    by a good friend who knows how to swift kick good.

    That one had me laughing out loud. :)

  19. Gary, broken internet connection would be good for the writing, yes :)

    Katie, :))

    Steph, yes, time and inspiration...both fickle things hey

    Jill, fair enough :)

    thanks T. Anne. :) that made me smile.

    Karen, I forgot the chocolate... how could I forget the chocolate???

  20. ckhb, I like that too:) It is all in the phrasing!

    Suzanne LOL. yes, when are we writing that book? Love the title too. How did you know that I kill my houseplants? They didn't try very hard to live! That's what I say anyway, when I throw yet another one of them in the trash! Publishing rocks stars... Love that!

    Thanks all for the comments:)

  21. Ah yes, all of this and coffee in the morning, a big comfy sweatshirt fresh from the dryer on a cool fall day and a funny video to make me smile. Not to mention music.

    Love the new look, title, all wonderful!