Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Before us 2 Became 4


Giggling never interrupted our morning sleep ins

someone picking me clover would not have been a wonderful gesture

We'd never kissed  chocolate coated chubby cheeks

Our bath water had not been dyed blue with food coloring

We didn't bake Play doh cakes, and then pretend to eat them

Seagulls were not called chickens

Ants were never called fugs

We didn't lick people's fingers clean

We couldn't recite the words to any picture books

And we never broke into spontaneous songs about wheels on the bus,

 just because one drove by

Thomas was someone I worked with, not a train.

Cars didn't have eyes or voices

Daddy was not a name I referred to him as

and the pleasure of someone calling me Mommy was unknown


I wonder....

What did we ever do

Before the 2 of us became 4?





  1. Haha! I've wondered that too. I did work, but after work I did whatever I wanted and thought of no one else. LOL
    Children are so wonderful. :-)

  2. "Seagulls were not called chickens"

    I think this one's my favorite, since at our house tofu is "white pickle." I have no idea what we did before 2 became 3. I mean, I sort of remember it... we have photos... but that life just doesn't make sense anymore.

  3. That's so cute! It's true, our little ones change our lives enormously! I absolutely love that!!

  4. That's beautiful! I can imagine that having a child literally changes everything--in a good way!

  5. Love the post, and the wonderous world of children!

  6. Isn't it amazing how life changes when we have kids. My kids are to that age now that I'm wondering what life is going to be like when they are gone. :(

  7. great poem/post. i'm in complete agreement. i never thought i'd call chicken "chicky" or ask my daughter if she's "hungee" and wants to eat. :) love it.

    Where Romance Meets Therapy

  8. What a wonderful way to express the before-kids era!! Love it! It's often easy to get focused on the negatives--like the increased noise level, or lack of sleep, or extra laundry! Thanks for helping remind me of all of the beauty!

  9. Oh, that was so special. I love that seagulls are called chickens! I can't imagine what my life would be like without my little ones. We have two as well, but they're both girls.

  10. I've wondered that too. I doesn't seem like we could have done much. Kids make life fun.

  11. How sweet of a post! Love the family photo too, you're all a handsome bunch.

  12. I love this! What a great picture! How true about everything, especially breaking out in song just to keep them entertained. lol!

  13. :-) What a lovely post and a beautiful picture.

  14. We wonder about that all the time. Beautiful picture indeed.

  15. You make a great four! I was just wondering this morning how I ever existed without my boyfriend. It seems like he's always been with me, and we've only been together 1.5 years!

  16. Oh, this is wonderful! So simple and heartfelt! I can feel your love for your children so clearly!

  17. Why do your posts always rock? Seriously. They do. I LOVE reading your posts.

    The licking fingers clean...yep, I'm officially a mommy. I do this to Brogan all the time now. And I kiss his tears and pinch his butt and hubby and I crawl around the house making absurd noises all in the name of hearing that belly laugh. Life with three is so much richer (and busier and more stressful) than life with two.

  18. P.S. Love the picture! Beautiful, beautiful family.

    P.S.S. (or is it P.P.S.?) I wish I had the pleasure of meeting you! Maybe someday at a conference. :)

  19. Seagulls = chickens is cute.

    Why do we rename things when we have kids?
    Now that we are 4 I no longer have feet (I have footies), no-one gets a tummy pain (they get a collie-wobble) and Zach isn't getting his first tooth (he's getting a tooty-peg).

  20. Bec, love your comments. Turns out you have a touch of the writer in you hey? :)

    Katie, gosh, how I would love that! Maybe one day. You never know. We talk about going back 'home' to the US all the time :)

    Thank you Shell.

    Gotta go boxing now. I will be back later to keep commenting :)

  21. What was once overlooked, we now spend hours watching. The ants on the fence, the birds on the powerlines, the flowers in the garden! Kids make all the little things stand up and be noticed, and all the big things count even more!

  22. Andy I love that, too true. We notice so much more when we have kids :) Is it possible that we also feel more when we have kids? Me thinks maybe so.

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