Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are.

Have YOU battled your Wild Things?
The night Tab was pounding her fist on the desk, becalmed in the Sea of No Short Stories, she put on her writing suit and made waves of one kind or another. Several cups of tea later not a single story was churning. No ideas. Nothing. Zip. Nadda. The Sea was flat and glassy and refused to bubble with any thing, wild or otherwise. Her husband bravely poked his head into the office.
"Do you want to stop for dinner?"
But Tab looked at him and said, "I can't write this stupid *#&%(@#$ short story!" Her husband said she was being a tad over dramatic, a bit of a Wild Thing herself. So she stomped off to bed without eating anything.

That very night, as Tab calmed down and ceased stomping about the room and decided to give up and just let her ideas flow when they were ready, a forest of words grew and grew and grew until her ceiling hung with the vines of thoughts and the walls became the world around with all its possibilities. And ocean tumbled by, with a private boat for Tab. She returned to her computer and sailed off through the night, eager to discover where the Sea was leading. She sailed in and out of weak ideas and almost over a year to a place where the Wild Things were.

Despite her lack of control over the creative process and the fact that she really had to just go with the Sea, she faced those Wild Things even as they roared their terrible roars of self doubt and gnashed there terrible teeth of frustration and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws.

And Tab said, "Be still."
And she tamed the wild thoughts running through her head with a magic trick of starring her doubts in the face until they were frightened and called her the most Wild Thing of all. And made her Queen of all the Wild Things.

"Now," said Tab, "Let my own wild rumpus start!"
And suddenly those previously antagonistic Wild Things began to howl with her at the moon and swing freely though the trees and vines of thoughts and create a wonderful dance with words on the page.
"Now stop!" said Tab when she reached her word limit set by the non-wild college and she sent the rest of those wild ideas to bed with out any more food for thought.

But then Tab, Queen of The Wild Things, was lonely and wanted to share her writing with someone who loved her best of all.

Then from all around, from far away across the world, Tab smelled something good to eat. So she gave up being Queen of the Wild Things, having achieved all she set out to achieve, at least for that evening.

And the Wild Things cried, "Oh please don't go, we'll never show up again, how we love you so!"
Again the Wild things roared their terrible roars of self doubt and gnashed their terrible teeth of frustration and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws.

And Tab stepped out onto her private boat and said, "Don't be stupid, I'll be back next time I want to write a short story!" And sailed back over a year and in and out of days, into the night of her very own office. Where her wonderful husband had dinner waiting. And it was still hot.
The end.
(And my apologies. I needed the download!)

To check out what true literary brilliance looks like from the real Queen... um.. King of the Wild Things, Maurice Sendak, click on over to and order a copy of this rambunctious tale,
Where The Wild Things Are
Do it for!
And read often with a lots of vine swinging and laughter.

Oh, and if like me, you find pounding your fists does not produce any kind of writing at all, much less a string of phenomenal literary wonder, then give it up for a bit. Then grab the first words that come and be content to ride that boat where ever it may lead. Get it, type something, type anything and remind the Wild Doubts inside that you are a writer, you are a writer, you are a writer...

Moral of tale( though I hate tales with morals): The short story for my college assignment is complete... and thanks for letting me write off some steam :)


  1. YAY!! That's great that you have your short story complete. I loved this post. Guess what?? Where the Wild Things Are is going to be a movie!! I'm so excited about it!

  2. Wooohooo!!! That is SO funny. I loved reading that. LOL

    One of my all time fave books...

  3. Wild thing. You make my heart sing. You make everything, CRAZY!

  4. Congrats! We knew you could do it.

  5. Wow, that was so much fun to read!

  6. AWESOME. You're a very talented writer. I am a writer, I am a writer, I am a writer... I AM procrastinating writing!

  7. Hooray! It is always great to finish something that has been hanging around for a while.

  8. you did it! and lived to tell about it. that's great. :)

  9. I love this post! I've been there more times than I care to mention! I hope my "Wild Things" will sing to me tonight. Congrats on finishing your short story.

  10. hahaha.........awesome, loved it.

  11. Katie- I know, I can't wait until the movie comes out here.
    Thanks Jessica. It's one of my favs too.
    Love that song Suzanne. :)
    Thanks ckbh and Cindy.
    Yeah I am a BIG procrastinating writer.
    Melody- huge weight lifted :)
    Thanks Jeannie
    Lazywriter may your wild things sing :)
    Thanks Matt :)

  12. Love the book, not sure on the movie. Sometimes our imaginations are better. :)

  13. Enjoyed the post! One of my favorite books to read to my students. I was asked to do a writing exercise one time where we were instructed to write without stopping no matter what - even if it meant writing the same word over and over. Eventually, words will come come come come come to the surface. :)

  14. Hi Lisa. Great to have you visit. I checked out your website. Looks like a great book. I hope you will visit again.

    Comfortwriter- I really loved that idea of just writing non-stop. That frees you up to write a heap of crap to start with until the good stuff flows...if you get what I mean :) I think I will try that next time I am really stuck. Thanks for visiting again.