Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's Behind the Writer?

Okay, I've had this blog for about a month and a half now and initially I wasn't sure I'd get any readers, but it seems I have a few. So, I thought I'd tell ya a bit more about the woman behind this blog.
Ten things about Tab.
  1. I adore Chihuahua's. Really. I know, they are squeaky dogs as opposed to real ones that bark, but I like them. Especially mine. Oh, and I named her Lion. Perfect. Don't ya think?
  2. I lived in Hong Kong for two years and taught at an international school there. They were my first two years as a teacher. I am not sure what I was thinking, or why the school hired me. But they did! I made sure I had all the fun that was to be had.
  3. I call Australia home. For now. Some days my feet still the itch to move... we'll see.
  4. I write. Non-fiction mostly. My first book, a memoir, is in the editing stage. I also write for magazines. Again, mostly non-fiction.
  5. At this moment I am telling my son to stop eating the pens. He is my youngest. My other science experiment is at school. Joking! I love my boys.
  6. I know my husband loves me. Important. Very important. The world can be very cold sometimes.
  7. I am obsessed with butterflies. I think they stand for hope, freedom and new beginnings. I have three tattoos. All of them are of butterflies. I got the first one ten years ago when I married my husband. It is a small blue one on my ankle with his name underneath. The other two are in honor of my boys with their names underneath.
  8. I have spent two weeks in the Maldives. I hope to get back there at least once more in this life time.
  9. I am going to Pink's concert tonight. Her music is another of my little obsessions.
  10. I box. Yeah, the real deal, in the ring with gloves on type stuff. I love it. I also love to run. Probably a good combination :)
  11. Okay, I know I said ten things about Tab, but this one can't be left off the list. I am a Christian. God and I know each other. We have been through some tough stuff together and He has proved Himself to be exactly who He says He is. A VERY big God with massive shoulders that can carry me and all my mess. I love Him. But I know He loved me first.
What about you? What would other's say about you?


  1. These are Lovely! They make the ones I am posting tomorrow sound almost... almost... seedy!

    I have butterflies too. They are magic.

    Nice to know you!

  2. thanks Suzanne. I am sure yours are not seedy :)
    Magic is also a words that goes well with the word butterflies.

  3. Awwww, love your post. Is that a pic of you? Too cute! And the top pic is adorable too!
    You've had some awesome experiences. :-) I like butterflies too and love most of Pink's songs. She's so honest in some ways, in hard ways.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! :-)

  4. Hey Jessica, yeah that's a pic of me trying not to look completely stuffed after a race. No, I didn't win. Not even close!
    Always glad to meet another butterfly and Pink lover. I just got home from her concert! UNREAL! The girl rocks.
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Hmmmm...odd. I posted a comment, but it went away. Anyway, what I said basically was that I really enjoyed this post. It's fun getting to know the girl behind the blogger. :)

    My husband is a fighter - MMA (mixed martial arts). Such an intense, physically demanding sport you do!! How cool!

  6. Thanks Katie. MMA sounds fun! Yeah, I love boxing. It's very satisfying to connect fists, especially when you've had 'one of those days.'