Monday, July 13, 2009

Ohh, Shucks!

First Blog Award.
Thanks Footprints!
Special thanks to Janet Camilleri, editor of Footprints Magazine, Australia, for my first blog award! Footprints is an amazing little magazine run by a dedicated group of equally amazing women. I have recently had the privilege of writing for them. You can check them out at where for a nominal fee you can have the magazine delivered right to your door.
"Footprints aims to provide Christian women Down Under with magazine-style reading - light, refreshing, entertaining and uplifting. Each issue is jam-packed with features of interest to women of faith in the 21st Century, as well as hints, tips, recipes, poetry, reviews, and always plenty of stories of how God is making a difference in the lives of women just like you."
- Janet Camilleri on their website.

Blogs Worth Reading
In the spirit of encouraging fellow bloggers, here is a short list of some of my favourite blogs. If you enjoy their blog be sure and sign up to follow. I know they'd appreciate it.

Brain Throw up- by Katie Ganshert (
Country at Heart- by author Deborah Vogts (

There are a heap of others that I follow. But most of the them are written by literary agents. Their links are on the side bar of my blog if that sort of thing interests you.

Thanks again Footprints.


  1. Thanks Tabitha! I appreciate the shout out! And congrats on the One Lovely Blog award!!

  2. hooray for Tab... congrats and keep up the good work....