Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Power of Words

Recently a special friend of mine, who has been going through a difficult time,  asked me to write her some words that she could pull out and read whenever she was feeling low. I felt humbled that I should get a chance to write something that could encourage this amazing woman, and it got me thinking about the power of our words.  I am in awe that as a writer I get to add to my words to my world. That I should get to write about something and be read and heard. That I  get the chance to have my words in print where others read what I have to say. 
I began thinking of the words that have impacted my life.  
"Will you marry me?"
"We're pregnant"
"It's a boy!"
"You've got the job"
"You're the best, Mummy."
"I'm sorry."
"I forgive you."
"I love you."
The power of "No." The power of "Yes."

I think of words that uplift, encourage, empower, teach, question, inspire, motivate, inform, protect and restore. Words that create impressions, images and expectations. Words that build connections, influence our thinking and  determine our actions. I consider the link between words, thoughts, the choices we make and the lives we lead. 

Then I think of the words I cannot erase. The ones that can't be taken back. The words that burn. I think of words that are sobering, words that manipulate, conceal, chafe, control, smother, suppress, stifle, constrict, pummel, irritate, frustrate, tear down, wound, destroy, silence and even kill. I think of words that have hurt me as well as those that heal. I think of the words that dominate as well as those that free. 

"Words are, of course the most powerful drug used by mankind." Rudyard Kipling

And I consider this; in many ways words weave the threads of our lives. God Himself has much to say about the power of our words, the unbridled tongue and the life and death of what we speak.

Writers use words as the tools of our trade. But, don't we all? I wonder if we underestimate the privilege?

Words should come with warning labels and age restrictions, and for some people, dosage recommendations and over dose helpline numbers. Perhaps such labels should also state: never use under the influence of alcohol and possibly refrain from using while operating heavy machinery. 

Words; user be aware. They are powerful little vessels. 


  1. Great writing... Love the words...

  2. Thanks Shelley, you are inspiring as always :)

  3. This is SO true! As I read through your list of phrases, each one evokes a definite emotion. What a cool post! And I agree with Shelley - great writing!

  4. Thank you, Katie. You're input is encouraging :)

  5. I thank you Tab for this wonderful written word. I praise our Saviour for the gift he has given you. Never let go of HIM and the GIFT He has given you. Keep feeding us hey!!!!!

  6. I love words, and blank pieces of paper and a sharp pencil.